Farage, Taking Back Control Of Our Lives

That sentence complete with a little laugh, for me, sums up the true thoughts of the French. You’ve integrated well.
I don't represent all of them, it's just my opinion.
I'm happy for you to to see me as their representative though. :ROFLMAO:
I'm not sure many would agree with you. :ROFLMAO:
Next time I talk to Marine le Pen, I'll ask her. She is the representative for Pas de Calais, the province in question. :ROFLMAO:
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French don’t believe in integration

hence ghettos ;) in paris etc

racist country imo
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Have you any news more recent than 1961?

Are you saying that because it happened in 1961 it was acceptable?
Notch7 is not saying anything of the sort. He's commenting how you need to go back 60 years to find a story to support your today's assertion.

Just 18 years ago, a Black teenager was murdered in London by several white racist thugs. The investigation was intentionally bungled by racist police in UK.

There have been numerous cases of BAME police and military bringing issues of racism to courts in UK.
This proves that a minority of people are prepared to stand up to systemic racism in UK police and military. Whereas the majority are content with the systemic racism.
Whereas, in France, a tiny minority of ex-military think that France is not racist enough. While the majority believe that systemic racism is not evident, and the national motto of Liberté, égalité, fraternité is sufficiently enshrined in society in France.
French don’t believe in integration

hence ghettos ;) in paris etc

racist country imo

no surprise tbh

That’s the French for you

Institutional racism and a police force with bigots and racists
The audacious hypocrisy of someone who's Austrian relatives were involved in experiments, starvation, torture, murder and probably rape of hundreds of thousands of men, women and child prisoners in concentration camps.
The poster who seeks persistently to trivialise and humourize his relatives inhumanity to other people because they were not of the same nationality.

Obviously transam wants to divert attention away from his relatives' inhumanity.
It's his usual MO: "look at that over there, it's shocking, in order to divert attention away form the real problems."
Transam is a deceitful racist who blatantly promotes racism and genocide.
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