felting a metal garage

9 Sep 2011
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United Kingdom
hi guys

well ive got a few small leaks in my garage and im planning to fix it

problem is with it being metal i dont really know how to go about felting the roof the size is 140 inches in lengh and 60 inches in width thats just one side of the roof

so far ive screwed wooden batons around the edges and spaced them every half meter from left to right as the felt is one meter in width and hopefully stops any sagging

im i right in saying i should by starting at bottom when putting the felt on and lay it lengh ways and leave enough to bend over each edge
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Is this a corrugated metal roof you have?
Assuming that it is then the best option would be to fix ply on top of the metal and fix the felt to that.
Otherwise I'd advise removing and replacing the whole thing although I suspect this would most likey come in over budget.
sorry for the late reply :oops:

yes it is ill upload a picture of one that looks the same

anyway thats me finished putting up the straps for the felt to be tacked to now im in two minds if this is going to work ive spaced them at 0.5 meters to try and stop any sagging


only picture i could find showing a roof to show what ive done


this is what mine is like

im doing this on a budget and the roof has no bad leaks just a few drips from where the screws hold the roof on so i hope this will work
I can't but think you are making work for yourself, especially as you say its on a budget?!

Remove the 'leaky' screws and replace with a new one + neoprene washer. Or am I missing something?
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condensation is more likely it rolls down the roof then falls off the bolt/screw
Just built one of these, no leaks, but condensation formed within just a few days later.

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