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26 May 2006
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United Kingdom
Could someone have a browse of my questions, much appreciated.

im erecting a boundary fence but it will be all on my property. iknwow i can only go to 6 foot.

how ever mynieghbourr has a porch, of which the floor is raised to the hieght of the house floor, so he has a direct view into my garden, so i could do with all the hieght i can get.

1. would i be allowed to take advantage of them hiring some of their ground level and raise the fence the same amount.

2. I thought i had read some where that a trellis can be attached to the top of the 6 feet fence is this right?

3. is there any restriction on where i can place the 6 foot fence as its only a foot from their kitchen window

4. I also want to erect it at the front of the house between the gardens this will be 1 ft away form their front door, could cause a light problem but im not worried if its with in the law, it will 6ft high by 3 ft wide.
(im hoping the 6ft at the front will stop fag butts being fired into my garden as they stand at there front door and smoke.)

5. I wish to erect a very high fence across my garden, 6 meters from my house and 6 meters from the bottom. and 6 meters in from the highway boundary.
It is not a boundary but the end post which will end at the boundary eg: 4inch on the boundary line, what is the highest i can take this fence., or this post.

Will i need to drop to 6 foot with in a certain distance of cutting into the bounadry line.

PS. the boundary line is the back of a concrete shed that stands 7ft tall, ( nieghbours) but im spiking with met posts.

Thanks for any advice.

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ok what i understand but could be wrong

2m at the back [6ft pannel on top of 6"gravelboard 6ft 6"]

and 1m [4ft at the front]measurements from the grount level below the panels

but off course hedges being a plant can reach 6 ft or 7 ft easily without restriction
speak to your planning dept as there are different rules dependent on distances from road, type of road etc.
The Planning Dept is a good source of info.

Also have a look at the Garden Law Forum.

Between them they should answer all your questions.

I think the answers may be:

1. No
2. No
3. No
4. Fine
5. 2 metres without planning permission

Please note that there are additional restrictions near a public highway.
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thanks for all the info, sad about the 4ft only at the front garden.

I have a strange set up here.

i am a corner plot big garden goes all the way round and i have pavemnets on 2 sides.

my nieghbours front door wall is my side wall.
my front wall is single from nighbours.
My back wall is as my nieghbours.

So is it possible that the 4ft fence may not be classed as my front garden.

Its an odd set up, if you have spent time around council homes 1950/60 you may live in or know what i mean.

I havent learnt how to clip paste pictures yet, i have photo bucket..

I have the party wall leaflet, planning are a hopelesss, no one can even tell me which is my responsibility when it comes to the walls.

I will try to research some more as well.

Thanks alot.
will post pics when get the know how :D


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