Fiesta battery charging problem

25 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi. Im having a problem with a 1994 Fiesta 1.1lx. Battery wasnt charging but the battery light wasnt coming on. I have changed the battery as it was old, this didnt work. I changed the alternator and fan belt, now the battery light stays on when i start the engine untill i press the accelerator then it goes out. Unfortunately the battery still isnt charging. any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

Dont know if this helps but this problem started around the time i had a new front section fitted to my exhaust.
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How do you know it's still not charging?

Most cars that do not have electronic ignition/injection require ablip of the throttle to get the "no charge" light to go out.

If the bat isnt holding charge, sounds like the rectifier on the alternator is duff.

What this means is that the alternator thinks its a motor and is trying to turn when the ignition is off but still connected to the bat. You will normally get the light on the dash all the time, even with keys out. Over time the bat will go flat...normally over night.

Not sure on the Festa if its built onto the Alternator or if its a seperate box of bits.
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From what I can gather the rectifier is built into the alternator.
Battery doesnt drain overnight it lasts a couple of days and no dashboard lights on unless ignition is on. Think it mite be injection as it doesnt have a choke.
With old alternator battery light went out as soon as i started the engine, with new one i have to press accelerator.

Battery reads 12.5volts with engine running
Charging voltage is usually about 14v. Can you check all the connections to the alternator? The positive should loop back to the starter motor.
Thanks spark 123. Checked wires and found a nick in the one that has the block that connects to the alternator then rechecked battery seems to be charging at 13v after moving wires around.
Can i just buy these leads from a motor spares shop or will i have to have one made?
Starting to wonder if the person who fitted the front section to my exhaust has nicked the wire as the problem first occured 3 days after when my car just died pulling into a parking bay and lost all electrics
Wish id found this forum last week

Thanks for all help
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