Filling an external 20mm gap between window and brickwork

i agree theyve made a nice job of MAKING the windows,but looks like theyve made an absolute crap job of the installation.

BET when they were in there van after you told them you would sort out the gaps,they were doing a del and rodney when they sold the watch :LOL:

the only thing i can suggest if fill the gaps flush with expanding foam,then use a thin flat bead of some description and glue/pin it on.still dont think it will look nice but hey,think your options are very limited. :eek:
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The quality of the windows and doors look good. However the images look like they have simply made the doors too small. I would recommend some beading to cover over the gaps; much like you would do with uPVC windows. The company will be able to do this for you if you ask nicely, as at present it does look a bit of a poor finish.

Personally I'd have re-toothed the brickwork before installing the doors.
Also you mention 'listed building' :eek:, wonder what your BCO or preservation officer will say when they see these flush fitting windows and how you propose finishing them off?
I think we've given them a good run for their money - they've certainly made our lives pretty uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, I think they will just be glad the uPVC and aluminium windows have gone.
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Do you intend to cover the brick?
Only with paint;)

We did think of replacing the old uPVC cladding with new timber, but they say it needs planning permission "To you, Sir, only £150" - as well as the Listed Building Consent that we have - but ALSO, it would have to meet full current bldg regs standards of insulation, i.e. say 4" of celotex (it's a 9" solid wall), which, though nice, would mean re-doing the roof verge, etc., and we just do not have the money, i.e. it would be WAY over our budget. (State pension doesn't go very far).
Personally I'd have re-toothed the brickwork before installing the doors.
Trouble is, "standard pracice" is to whip out the old and bang in the new a.s.a.p. to keep the house weathertight.

Not really Robin, Personally I'd take them back out and address the brickwork so that you will get a tighter fit before trimming round the doors. It will be worth it in the long run and only take half a day.

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