fitting a fire with a balanced flue into a chimney..

Does this Belgian gas fire have a Gas Council number?

Without it your chances of getting a GasSafe to install it are probably about the same as me pulling Posh Spice (or whoever the tottie du jour is nowadays)

The make of fire in question is officially imported into the UK and so would have a GC Number, I know that my Helex does.

Mine uses a 4 inch flexible liner for the flue and is 12 meters long... I still had to use the flue restrictor to prevent the flames from lifting and the flue from howling.... Been installed for about 7 years now and it has been like new every time I service it. Got to be one of the safest fires that I have ever encountered... And pretty efficient too, I can duct off my fire.
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This project is going to end in tears me thinks.

A balanced flue has a maximum operational length else appliance will malfunction. This length can be found in the MIs or is available from manufacturers. To start installing concentric flue up the lum is (as far as I am concerned) going to lead to spillage, pilot outage etc kind of problems.

A rule of thumb is a liner needs to be 125mm dia (area is 122.7 sq cm) for a fire to work when it draws combustion air from the room. Fit a 100mm liner (area 78.5 sq cm), the fire will most likely spill. Fit a 90 degree bend on a 5" flue system, fire most likely to spill.

6" tube will have an area of 176 sq cm. Put a 4" tube in this tube, now you have 98 sq cm for letting in fresh air and 78.5 for evacuation of POC. Can visualise problems.

Some things not even considered are, high resistance to flow of air, inner tube that needs to be hot for evacuation of POC being cooled by combustion air to name a few.

Take it you have purchased the fire. Will be watching this space.

DP The fire that the OP intends to fit a balanced flue, room sealed fire and I was surprised at the size of the restriction plate that I had to fit to the fire to slow the flue gasses down... Honest, they work and they work really well
If a RGI can vouch for it, and has fitted one, then can see no problems.

In my travels see plenty non compliant fittings.
If I remember correctly, there was an article on these types of flues a few years ago in the Gas Installer, unfortunately it is long gone... When I first bought my fire, my local CORGI rep came round to have a looksee and he too was concerned about the size of the flue but the manufacturers instructions were in front of him in black and white...
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right next twist to the reply from manufacturer

Hello Daniel

Offcourse we do, you need two pieces one flat piece to put on top of the chimney (KW169 for 27 EURO) to fix it and one ending part (KW168 for 168 EURO).

thats one expensive flue terminal!!

Corgigrouch your exactly right does have a G.C. number, imported throught a u.k. company.........

do you think ill have to get a flue restrictor fitted?

wonder if another 4"/6" horizontal balanced flue terminal will fit?

Can't comment on your need for a flue restrictor, that will be down to your Gas safe installer.... As I said, don't mix and match flues as the one that the manufacturer states should be fitted is designed to work with your fire....

Typical Brit, Think you can have quality on the cheap... That's how you end up with Focal Point fires.... ;)

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