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19 May 2007
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United Kingdom
I'm stuck.

My wife wants a TV in our bedroom and I need to fit an aerial socket.

I had planned to fit a new aerial cable to the roof aerial and bring it down inside the stud wall in our bedroom and fit a socket around 8 inches above the skirting board.

Problem is I need to pass it through the noggin- how can I do this, or is there some other way to achieve what I am trying to do?

Incidentally I cannot lift the floor- so no chance of coming in from underneath.

Any help anyone can give would be most welcome- decorators come week after next, so not much time for me to sort this one!

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assuming that the stud wall in internal then you need to get some extensions for a long flat bit.. and then drill through the nogin.. PITA but that's the way it goes..
Most stud walls are internal, and since you will be decorating soon, your best method would be to locate the stud wall in the roof space and drill through the centre of the stud horizontal batten, this then allows you to feed the coax cable down as far as the first noggin.

Back on floor level locate the noggins in the partition by tapping gently and then cut through plasterboard with say a chisel then take a small check out of the noggin to allow the coaxial through then feed it further down, there may be another noggin blocking the cable? to reach the height req'd for the AE surface/flush mount box.

You will need to fish for the cable i use a thin metal coat hanger straightened out then bent into a small hook approx: the diameter of the cable then pull it through,.

So far you should have two small rectangular holes in the wall that is easily plastered over but with the coaxial cable out of sight.

Sinewave. :)
another digger....

this was a month ago and the decorators have no doubt been and gone by now..
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Decorators coming? What the problem then?? Notch over the noggin.

Drill a hole into the header from the loft. To locate this if you can't see it(ceiling boarded before walls), push a bradawl up against the wall and find this in the loft - the centre of the wall will be just over "2 in from this for a 4" wall.

Drop in a weighted string down into the wall until you feel it hit the noggin. Use your string as a measure to mark on the wall in the bedroom where the top of the noggin is. The noggin will typically be 2" thick, so mark the bottom knowing this.

Now notch over the noggin using a padsaw or stanley knife. You could use an old screwdriver and hammer gently. At the location of the socket, cut a drylining box in - use a padsaw, and bradawl first to ensure you miss an upright.

Now drop a string in from loft, and hook out with coat hanger at top of noggin. Pull cable through and repeat for lower half of wall.

Use a couple clips to hold cable secure on noggin. Fill over - decorators will finish-filler it if your hole is a little deep and needs a couple coats.
I realise this is an old post - hope I'm not too late.

Do not just connect second downlead to existing aerial - this is a big no no!
why the personal dig at me?

all I was pointing out is that since this post is over a month old, and he said the decorators were comming in 2 weeks, then they've finished and gone by now and the OP will have done it some way or another...
Take it easy Jack!

What's the rush to answer replies / requests, i would rather you gave some sensible thought to your replies that concern's my i/p o/p or none at all. :(
gman76 said:
I realise this is an old post - hope I'm not too late.

Do not just connect second downlead to existing aerial - this is a big no no!

He only asked about how to get the cable into the room, however using the existing Ae cable this can be divided using a y connecter (splitter) and if the signal is strong it may be acceptable for both tv's.

If not a A.B switch can be used to diredt full signal to bedroom or l/room.

If the signal is acceptable but a little grainey an Ae amp might help it's easy to write about these matters but have a go. ;)
My post was purely for guidence - the op was sketchy about how the extra cable was to be connected.

You are very pinickety sinewave.
my question is how do u mount the surface box does it have to be near a wall stud?

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