Fitting gate post to concrete fence post

20 Nov 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi I’m a newbie here, and pretty rubbish at DIY, so go easy on me please :)

My problem is this... I want to install a gate (a reasonably secure one - I’m doing this mainly for security as we were broken into recently) down the side of our house. I plan to fix a batten to the side of the house to hang the gate off, there seems to be lots of advice out there about to how to do this so hopefully this shouldn’t be too challenging. The other side where the slam post needs to be installed is my problem. We’ve got a typical garden fence with concrete fence posts running parallel to the house, so my plan was to find a decent way to attach a wooden batten to one of the posts. I’ve read about how hard and risky drilling into concrete posts can be so I’d like to avoid that if possible, however I don’t want to do a terrible botch job either. I think the posts have holes in however they’re parallel with the fence so they don’t help me with this job. I had 2 ideas...
  1. I discovered Postfix brackets (, designed to fit onto slotted posts, with a variety of attachments. The PF16 mounting bracket looked like the most likely candidate. This looks really easy to fit, however the downside, as far as I can tell, is that the batten would only be hooked onto the post, I don’t think there’s any way to secure it. Not sure about this so I’ve tried contacting the supplier for advice. If this could be made secure I think it would be my choice.
  2. Failing that, I saw various posts on the web about fixing the batten with builders band. I’ve no idea how you do this having looked the product up, however then I stumbled across Jubilee Quick Release Straps ( and wondered whether a few of these would work. They come in a large enough size that would wrap around the post and batten.
What do people think? Any other suggestions? I’ve seen some posts around suggesting adhesive but this sounds like a bodge and would be doomed to fail.

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