FIxing curtain pole to bad wall

17 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom

I am replacing a curtain pole but the wall behind it is not too good, and removing the old brackets has pulled mot of the wall away, making it impossible to fix the new brackets on. I have some exterior pollyfiller but the whole is way over 10mm deep and I dont want to spend forever filling and waiting, filling and waiting. would it work if I filled the hole with 10mm of filler then put a bit of wood in it to fill it out then put more filler over it? if so would it be strong enough to fix a curtain pole to?
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You could fill the hole with polyfiller, and whilst the filler is still wet, put the wall plugs in and wait for the filler to set before re-affixing the pole.
You can use a two part styrene filler such as P38 made by Isopon.

It goes off in about 30 mins and sets rock hard, you can drill it or you can set rawlplugs into it. No limit to depth as it goes off by chemical reaction rather than drying out.

Make sure that the hole is dust/debris free, if it is crumbly then put some PVA adhesive mixed 50/50 with water into the hole and allow to dry before filling.

You can get P38 at Halfords or any car accessory shop as it is mainly sold as a car body filler.
Are you sure car body filer is suitable for the job? have you used it for this kinda job before?

Also, I forgot to mention the screws go in at an angle on the curtain pole bracket, is this right? how do i drill holes in the wall at the correct angle? Do you think i should just re-drill the hole in the bracket so that the screws are straight?
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....also, would my suggestion work? by placing a bit of wood in the gap and filling it with exterior polly filler?
You can buy the exact same filler from a decorators merchant but it tends to come in fairly large tubs, as you don't need a lot of it I tend to buy it in smaller tubes so it doesn't go off.

P38 is fine for walls and great on wood. I use it a lot especially on curtain fixings.:cool:

If you can get a piece of wood in secure enough then it would work.

With regards to the hole at an angle, are the rest of the brackets the same ?

I have never seen a fixing on a curtain pole at an angle (but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist :) ) I would fix it straight given the option.
I meant to add can you not start again with new fixings a couple of inches up/down/L/R

You could then just fill the holes and decorate over the top.

Another solution is to mount a timber batten and then fix the cutain track fitting to it. You can use some hefty fixings on the batten and smaller fixings for the track.
Thanks for all your help Bilious.

I had considered moving the bracket slightly to the left/right but I still have to fill a deep hole. Do you think I would get away with just using poly filler to fill it if I dont attach the bracket to it? (the gap is about 20-25mm deep)

I had considerd the baton but I think that will be the last resort.
Polyfilla for filling the hole is tip top. If you can resite the fixings this is by far the best option and the cheapest.

I agree the batten is the last resort and I only use it for walls with real problems and really heavy curtains.
You can refix using deeper fixing [75mm screws ]and then make good around hole before fixing.

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