Fixing No More Ply to breeze block bathroom wall

14 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
The subject line says it all really... in the process of removing a couple of layers of tiles from my bathroom wall (in preparation for tiling), most of the render came off so I've taken it back to the breeze blocks and intend to dry-line with No More Ply (6mm).

So what would people recommend for fixing the NMP to the walls? I'm guessing 1) level out the mortar between the breeze blocks; 2) prime (PVA?) the blocks and the back of the NMP; 3) dot and dab rapid set adhesive to the board and offer up to the wall; 4) screw the boards to the breeze blocks.

Something like that? Or am I way off base? I realise that mechanically fixing the boards to the wall may not be strictly necessary if I'm using adhesive, but I prefer to be safe than sorry (and I don't really trust myself!).

Any advice appreciated.
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