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Fixings for timber batten into concrete fence post

Discussion in 'In the Garden' started by Roboc, 28 Feb 2021.

  1. Roboc


    28 Feb 2021
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    United Kingdom

    I'm wanting to replace two closeboard fence panels, however the concrete posts dont have the slots, so lifting out a panel and replacing it isnt an option.

    The current panels are 6ft, but the posts are slightly wider, so each panel has a 35mm wide batten attached. I can see where the concrete posts stick out slightly above the existing panels there is a small hole all the way through the post, and I'm assuming there are a few more along its length.

    What I'm worrying about is once I knock out the panels, what sort of fixing am I likely to find? I've seen mention of carriage bolts on the forum, but aren't they without any sort of slot to turn them? I'm worried that I'll be unlucky on at least one end that I'll have the head of the bolt and not the nut and I'll be unable to turn it. If I grind a slot and turn it, I presume the other end will just spin.

    Is there another type of fixing used for this type of fence? Threaded rod with a nut on each side? Of course, I can just take the fence down and have a look, but don't want to annoy the neighbours by having the panels out for weeks while I figure out a way to fix the new ones :)
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