Flatbed microwaves

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We had a Philips in the 80s that didn't have a turntable. I don't remember it being any better or worse than a turntable type.
Got a Panasonic one, had it a year or 2. Can't fault it in any way. I very much prefer it over a turntable one.
My mate DJ jizzy jazz preferred the turntable.
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I've both; one flatbed built into a steam oven and one standalone turntable. Flatbed is more practical, IMHO, though the turntable one (1000W) is much faster/more aggressive at heating than the flatbed (900W). I don't know if this is a consequence of the design, if the extra metalwork (the rails, grilles and trays in the oven) has an effect or if Siemens were just telling porkies about the 900W part; it seems more like 750.
Never heard of a flatbed microwave until this thread, but I can see one benefit: square dinner plates are too big to turn in a turntable microwave (even the big booger that I bought recently).
Anyone use one, if so, any better than one with a turntable? After a new microwave, preferably one with a stainless interior.
Combi microwaves (with a grill and/or fan oven as well as the microwave) that I have bought always have stainless interiors, which I prefer, though I have seen some models with enamelled steel.

If funds permit, I find a combi much handier, it gives you an extra small oven for cooking, but you can also use it as a keep-hot or a plate-warming oven. Mine is at face height so easier to use than the grill on the cooker. It is quite big and fits into a 600mm cabinet. Quite heavy.

If for some reason I didn't want the stuff to rotate I could take the turntable out. I have an idea the ones without a turntable have a wave-stirring device to reflect the waves, like a propellor.
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I have a flatbed, 1000w, it's a semi commercial one, it was the only one I could find with simple controls - 90% of it's use is reheating stuff and 90% of that can be done with one button press. The flatbed is good for rectangular oven dishes we have and it works as well as any other we've had - without all the extras we never used.

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I’ve had a Panasonic “non turntable” (flatbed?) for a decade.
I honestly can’t tell the difference but not having a turntable does make life easier.
At the moment we have a Panasonic slimline combi with inverter (whatever that is) I'm sure @Mottie posted a picture of his one, which looked the same. To be honest, never used it as anything other than a microwave. It had a hissy fit a few weeks ago whereby it wouldn't heat anything, the turntable would turn and it made all the usual noises, but the food came out the same temperature as it went in. It must be over 10 years old and has been brilliant, large with a 340mm turntable. It has now started working again, but we just don't trust it. I did find a Beko one-,https://www.beko.co.uk/900w-28-litre-convection-microwave-mcf28310 similar size and functions with a SS interior, but it arrived damaged and they had no more in stock. The search goes on.
At the moment we have a Panasonic slimline combi with inverter (whatever that is) I'm sure @Mottie posted a picture of his one, which looked the same. To be honest, never used it as anything other than a microwave.
Same here. Warming up dinners, warming soup, making porridge and defrosting bread/rolls. I once grilled some cheese on some already toasted bread in ours but apart from that one time, I’ve never used it as a grill, conventional or combination oven. Wouldn’t know how to. Might look into it.

Combo was good for heating samosas from the freezer. It defrosts the insides while crisping the outside
any pastry based food, really

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