ford focus zetec locking machanism problems

8 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
just woundering if anyone can help ive looked for an answer online but cant find it, i have a slightly different problem with my central locking than others i have read.

I have a focus zetec 2000 3 dr, the central locking on the drivers side doesnt work when i press the key. normally i have to press it once to unlock the drivers side and twice quickly to unlock both which i was told was standard on the 3dr's.

The problem is that when i press it once nothing happens but when i press it twice the passanger side door unlocks only. at first it was intermittent where some times i would go a week being able to use the central locking as usuall to unlock the drivers side then it would stop working again and so on. but now it hasnt worked for a while and have to use the key to unlock it all the time. when i used the key to unlock the car all doors were unlocked then if i pressed the lock button on the key the passangers side would lock then unlock again as the drivers side would not do anything. ive tried reprogramming the key but that hasnt changed anything the boot release button still works on the key and the dash etc. I just removed the panel and disconnected the cable for the central locking on the drivers side then tried to lock the car and this time the passangers side instead of attempting to lock by locking then unlocking it locked and stayed locked. so to me it seems a fault with the motor on the drivers side or the cable.

so just to make it clear as ive read this back and its not too clear what im trying to get at. the central locking on the drivers side doesnt work at all but it seems as if the central locking on the passangers side is working but cant work properly as the drivers side isnt working correctly.

my plan is to buy a new motor for the drivers side door and try that. does anyone have any ideas or is this the best course of action?
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same as the connect central locking they are shoite!!

the only remedy that fixed mine after 5 garages failed to cure it, was i lost the fob and that forced Ford to replace it.
only taken 6 years to get central locking that works correctly!!
maybe as kevin has said?but id be inclined to check 1st on this forum for any info on how you might be able to fix it yourself?
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Give the whole locking mechanism a good spraying with WD40, the drivers side lock has to engage fully first, to enable the other locks to work, conversely the drivers side lock has to be fully locked and the necessary contacts made before the other locks will open.