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15 Nov 2005
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Cook Islands
I got an unsolicited text msg saying "Free msg: Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP"

would any reputable company send an unsolicited text? Would they use a mobile phone no? Would they forget to address me by name? Would they forget to introduce themselves? Would they forget to say what accident they are talking about? Wouldn't they contact me by phone or letter?

if anyone wants to have a go, they can have half my £3750. Who are these stupid crooks?

I am on Vodafone and just found out they have a facility to forward spam texts to VSPAM or 87726, so I did that.
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John, it was on Watchdog last week.

They recommend that you dont text STOP, as this will indicate the number is in use and the details could be passed on to other spammers.
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I get these and just ignore them. Had a phone call one day telling me they thought I could claim thousands for my recent accident, so I asked the chap "Which accident would that be then?" He replied, "Any one within the last 3 years." ????? I told him although I hadn't had any accidents in the last 3 yrs, I'd caused plenty. ;) ;) ;)
Although it's bad form to text "Stop." to these unsolicited texts, they probably already know that your number is live. How many of us with mobiles have the facility on them to receive a text when we have sent one, to say it's been received? I know mine has that facility.
Another popular scam is by the sending of unsolicited service messages to internet capable phones. I always delete these as soon as I get them . ;) ;)
i love the "sorry the service you requested is not available" i would love to know what thats about??

i'm on t-mobile and get the accident ones i just delete them along with the reallly iritating powerflush ones!
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