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15 May 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all

Thought I had solved this yesterday but the issue is back

Texecom Premier 24
2 Keypads
Texecom Smartcom

All zones are in area A, area A is using Entry/Exit as arming mode
No area arm suites are in use
The front door zone type is entry/exit with the attribute of guard (for when part set)

If i press 1-3 and then the part set button, the alarm arms correctly at night

If i full arm the system, either by entering code and selecting yes to arm or by just pressing area, if the front door is closed, I can open it, leave the premises and the alarm will full set.

However, and this is the problem, if the front door is already open, which most of the time it is due to the rest of the family heading to the car, the alarm will not set and says Zones preventing arming, so i have to go to the front door, shut it, the keypad then asks me if i want to arm

Screenshots attached of configuration



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if its on timed then it wont matter.

on e/e needs to see door go open then closed.

when the warning comes on, close the door press yes and then open and lose the door how does it respond.
Are you sure it’s not because you have auto part set which automatically thinks you are part setting until you exit by the entry exit then switches to full ? If I remember correctly
Hi, thanks for your replies

I have removed the auto part arm option - this made no difference

If I try to full set the alarm when the front door is open, i get the zone preventing arming message, if I then close the door, I get the all zones clear and I am asked if i want to arm, if I press yes, I can then open and close the door and the alarm will arm and start entry timer correctly when returning

I have changed the arm mode to timed exit, same effect, if the door is open, get the zone preventing arming message, close the door and asked if I want to arm, press yes and then then leave and the alarm will arm normally

Looks like what ever setting is used, the door needs to be closed when i start to arm the system, so I go down the hall, shut the door, come back to the KP and arm the system and then leave via the front door

Looks like trying to teach the family to shut the door behind them


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I am thinking of defaulting this panel and starting again, the more I look, the more things which are not working correctly

For example, when part setting I am getting exit tones but the option "silent part set" is active

also, when it does part set, the part set banner is not being displayed
Makes sense cant comment without seeing the full setup to be fair and best way to learn is default and see what happens as you go along.

silent part set could be an area issue depending on zone setup and area options.
Could be area arm suites, as that is setting areas rather then part sets 1,2 or 3.
You can check the log to see what you think your are doing is different to what the panel is recording.
Agree re Area Arm Suites but not using any, going to check the logs now
Just checked the logs, to save any confusion, i have ignored any previous events

Pressed 1 and Park on the key pad
Alarm started setting
Exit tones heard although part set silent set

Event log shows "Part Arm Suite 1"

So, the panel knows it is part setting but ignoring the part set silent option at the very least

Part ARM 1 evening arm at default

I think your using arm suites and the text you describe is for the part arm suite not part arm 1

Check the text for arm suites
I agree with you, but from wintex screenshot, I am not using arm suits, unless I am missing something obvious

Going to factory reset the panel tomorrow and start from scratch, this unit been nothing but trouble from the start

First,Texecom Smartcom wouldn't work

Then the bell box started out of the blue and couldn't stop it, whole thing had locked up, had to climb ladder to sounder and pull the wires to stop the sirens

Now the panel doesn't seem to match the programming

Thanks for all your help, much appreciated
ok,, now i feel a right prat and i admit it, sorry for wasting people's time

Surprised this could happen though, just started setting up a default profile ready to re-program the alarm from scratch following resetting to default tomorrow, and in Wintex, I had the panel type set to Elite 24 and not Premier 24. I would have thought I would have received some form of panel mismatch warning.

Question is now, do i do a reset and then upload the program or can I just connect and upload the programming?

Menu 4 on the keypad will tell you what you have.

The Premier 24 doesn't have areas and has been available as new for about 7 years or so.

The panel would have come up with an error is you tried to connect to a panel that didn't match the profile.

ie Premer 24 V8.33 would need a Premier 24 V8.x profile setting up once recoeved and saved it would say the exact version of the panel.

You cant use a smartcom on a Premier 24, only Elite range any panel even the 640(believe it has been done or is imminent( version 4+ the 640 be version 5 plus if it is ready.
ok, so I did menu 4

Elite 24 S/W Ver 5

So I wasn't being such a prat after all :LOL:

Back to square one, going to reset tomorrow and start from scratch

Will update tomorrow
Still think you have an arm suite programmed up rather than using part set.

When an arm suite is programed, pressing part brings up arm suites, press part again brings up the part sets.

This is where I think your at

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