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22 Feb 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi I've just install a galaxy flex 20 finally after 3 months but I'm left with 1 problem
I can access the GX app via my WiFi with no problems but if I turn the WiFi off and try to access it via the phone data I get nothing
I've entered the external gateway IP of my router in menu 56 also struggling with the push notifications
Wonder why Honeywell can't put the manuals in plain English
Can anyone help please
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sounds like set for internal IP address and not external IP address, not familiar with Galaxy app but believe there is one that uses port forwarding and another Cloud.

so I am guessing your internal address will be something like 192.168.1.x (.1. may be .0. depending on ISP) x being the address the ip module is on.
You need to port forward TCP port 10001 on your router to your alarm panels IP address. If you have enabled DHCP on the panel, ensure that you set a static assignment on your router for the panel Ethernet module MAC address. You'll also need some way of resolving the IP address your ISP gives you if it's dynamic.

It's difficult to help with the GX push notification, as it's a free unsupported feature from Honeywell and has sporadic bouts of working and not working.

I run SelfMon, which is a low cost extensive self monitoring platform for the Galaxy.
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Hi thanks for your replies, I'm out till tomorrow. I will try them and get back to you
I'm going to look at selfmon, any ideas of the costs
Allan Nelson
Hi I've been into my router and checked the pot forwarding and it's all ok for ports 10000 and 10001 both in and out, also checked the DHCP and is correct on the router and the flex panel. I have the gateway address IP from the router and checked the panel and that's ok. Fired the app up and give it a go with no luck. Do I have to enter any IP address in the ARC section or receivers 1 ?
Allan Nelson
Hi I've managed to get my push notifications sorted but still can't access the alarm from outside my house any ideas please
Allan Nelson
Hi thanks for that the port isn't open but I've checked the router and I've alreaded pointed ports 10000 and 10001 to my alarm, there must be something else in the router holding it off but I don't know what. Thanks for that good shout
The only things I've seen causing issues with port forward are the router config and the gateway / mask being incorrect on the panel. Note that the newer Ethernet modules -10 do not like .001. format in the IP address. There seems to be a bug with the leading zeros being present, so you need to drop them.
Hi I've finally mastered the settings on my router and opened the ports, After 4 hour trawling the internet for answers. I've finally got my alarm GX remote app working without the WiFi. The only thing left is it keeps beeping and showing missing com 4 has anyone got any ideas. Thank you all for your replies I was getting ready to throw it in the bin Allan Nelson
Which version of Ethernet module do you have ? The a083-00-01 has a couple of issues and Honeywell replaced it with the a083-00-02 and a083-00-10.

The Flex Ethernet module is based on intellibus, which uses serialised devices. If you swap a device for another, you need to delete the previous and then add the new one. It may be that when you've been playing with the panel, you've managed to get it into a bad state. I suggest you do the following:

Enter menu 72 and auto detect devices. After doing that, exit menu 72 and perform a restart using menu 51.17.1

If your comms settings are now all okay, there should be no errors. Enter and exit engineering mode to confirm.
Hi my ethernet panel is the latest 10, but I've done the tests as you asked and I've left the alarm unset then 15 mins later the key pad beeps missing com 4 don't know what else to try
Also I was talking to sky re the router and found out they change the IP address every 30 days and will no provid a static one, will this cause me a problem when it changes
Allan Nelson
The latest firmware 3.52 includes a fix for this in conjunction with -10 Ethernet module firmware update 4.17. I personally haven't seen a -10 drop out, but as I say there is a firmware update for it. Did you buy the Ethernet module from a distributor? If your IP is dynamic, then you need to set up a DDNS. This is another good thing about selfmon, as along with the line path checking, it provides a free DDNS for the apps.

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