Galaxy flex 20

Hi don't know if it's the latest firm ware I haven't got that far to find where it is on the panel but I was going threw the panel and checking and found I haven't altered the gateway address when I rebooted the router and gave me a new IP address, I altered that at tea time and so far I've had no beeps or notifications on my GX app. I'm going to take your advise and get a selfmon account I had a quick look on the net and there's is not a lot of info on setting up or an app but I'll be spending a few hour looking at selfmon today. Any pointer would be greatly appreciated. Hope I don't get any more alarms. Again thank you for your time and help Allan Nelson
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There are Android and Apple apps. There's also an online web based secure HTTPS keypad. If you want to receive push notifications from SelfMon, then you need the app installed. This doesn't stop you using the GX app if you'd rather do that, but most find the SelfMon VKP faster.

Once you have activated an account, menu items will appear for panel settings, account config, Etc.
Here's what things look like when you have an active account:

Hi Ive now set up a selfmon account and downloaded the instructions for the G3 I'm ok with the instruction but just to confirm the IP is my 192.168 etc address, the gateway IP address, is this the on on my sky router which keeps changing ? and i assume the mask is
Can you point me in the direction to set the DNS up please
Allan Nelson
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The gateway address is your internal router address. So, something like
To enable the DDNS in your account, select the Configuration -> Account from the menu, then edit the DNS service setting. Note that you need to enable auto tests on the panel for this to work. See panel settings menu.

The path check interval can also be configured here. Note the caution on sending alerts on a single missing test signal - the default would be to send a path alert on a second missing test.

Hi I've entered all as instructed via the selfmon instruction list but have a few questions 1. when entering the IP I assume its the address of the alarm ? 2. The gateway address ? or is this the gateway on the router 3.The selfmon instructions say to use port 10022, I cant open this as it is in use so I've used 10001 and opened it, is this ok. 4. I've install the key pad on my phone, do I need to fill in Push Queue Identifier, and on Accounts in the key pad Which name do i put in ?
Having said that so far ive 3 com fail and a Wrong CD key 52 error
Thankyou for having patience with me 65 and not getting any younger
Allan Nelson
The selfmon instruction has the IP address that you should use. This is the address that your panel connects to in order to send an event payload. The port is 10022, as this is the port that your panel connects to at selfmon in order to pass the event payload. This port does not need opened, as it is outbound.

Don't confuse this with the app, which connects to the panel itself on port 10001. If you want to connect to the panel from outside your local network, then port 10001 needs to be forwarded.

The gateway is your router internal address (as per my last post). When the panel goes to send to selfmon, the selfmon address is not on the local network, so the traffic is routed to the gateway. The gateway is your router. Don't get confused with the routers own gateway - that is your ISP and would not be reachable by the panel, as it needs to talk to devices on its own network.
The push queue identifiers are a 9 character string (blanked out below). You use the identifier and the selfmon account number in the app. Once you do this, the app will register your phone to the queue. You can then optionally set up a filter to limit the events reported to that device. Eg. ==burglary,==panic,==fire,==line path

Hi thanks for that the alarm has been running for 2 day with no faults. I'm getting notifications from selfmon but still can't access it from my phone l read it some ware that I have to change the default code 543210 on user 25 to the RSS code trouble with that my level 6 managers code has gone and I only have level 3 and engineers access has anyone got any ideas I've tried pulling all the power off and restarting it, can't find a battery on the board neather. I'm open to suggestions
Allan Nelson

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