Galaxy G2 internal sounder

13 Jun 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi, can someone please tell me how to connect an internal sounder that activates at the same time as the outside siren to my system.
I am using a Honeywell internal sounder and have tried the following combinations without any luck:
+ve sounder to +ve Aux , -ve to speaker output.
+ve sounder to +ve Aux , -ve to bell output 1003 on the SAB connection.
I have also connected the -ve to trigger output 1001.
any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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It should work on the 1003 output as you wired it. Ie. +12V Aux to +12V on the siren and 0V on the siren to the 1003 output. What is the 1003 output set to ? If you enter 53 and select 1003, then it should be set to 'Bell' 'L' POS. as this is the default.

If you want to use 1001, then you need to change it to Bell, Latched POS also.

Are you sure the siren is working ? Place the 0V to Aux GND to test. Also, what is the power requirement of the siren you are adding. You need to ensure that you are not overloading the outputs.
Thank you, I am not on site today, will check on Monday, I am sure output 1003 is set to Bell Latch +ve , as the outside siren works.
If that's the case, then you may be overloading the output. 1003 can sink 500mA. The strobe 1004 output can also sink 500mA. 1001 can only sink 30mA.
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Thank you very much for your help, the internal bell needs 380mA. so have now changed to output 1003 and all is working.
Is there a way of live testing the system with the outside bell disabled? without disconnecting any of the wiring to the outside bell.
Program a bell delay, but don't forget to remove it after ! Or just remove the bell trip in the panel ! And again don't forget to re- connect
Thank you, this seems to be the answer to all my problems!!so I can now connect other devices to the trigger head and simulate alarm condition without the outside bell operating. but will the strobe be functioning? and internal bell sounding? during this 10 min. delay.

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