Garage Floods when it rains

23 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
Water trickles in from 3 distinct areas of my garage and as my garage is not dead level, water congregates to the flat area. It can at times take up to 9 buckets to get rid of the water. I have attached some photos. Any recommendation would be very welcome as it has flooded 3 times just this week.


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I'm guessing the ground outside of the garage is either level or higher than the garage floor slab?

Low end garages, i.e. single leaf fellas and those that are built off a slab rather than a strip foundation do tend to suffer this problem. It's actually quite common, especially those with a slab toe protrusion. You would need to remedy the problem externally with something like lead - or if it is a public footpath, maybe a masonry plinth or similar.
If you don't use it for the car, raise the floor level with pallets.
My garage does the same. Along the back and side walls, (about 500mm stone walls) outside is neighbours land (about 500mm higher), so I have used pallets for the last 10 years to raise the floor level in that area.
The water doesn't bother me and dries up.
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Thanks for your feedback and suggestions and in response to Noseall, the garage floor is slightly lower than the external paving installed around the 3 walls of the garage. I did however get a builder mate in and he says that the external paving which has been installed right upto the garage brick work, that to remediate the issue will be to remove some of the paving to allow a 9 inch gap all around, dig a meter down and fill it with 20mm gravel to allow water to trickle there rather than into the garage.
What do you think, does this sound right?
Like Noseall mentions it looks like the garage base is a slab and the brickwork sat on top....if there is any slab outside, water runs down the garage walls or across paving, hits the slab and runs in through any gaps.