Gas fire flu question. It's going to cost me how much?!!


Big Tone

If you are arrogant enough to think you are competent to fit it yourself especially connecting the gas supply,then you`re a f**king idiot and deserve whatever happens.
I didn’t give it as advice to others and there are many areas, including this job, where a DIY person can do the majority of the work.

Since you have acted like forum judge, jury and executioner without actually knowing the exact circumstances under which I have done any job in the past but find my remarks offensive enough to vilify me, instead of being civil enough to just ask, I have nothing more to say to an ignorant person like you, (in the true sense that you know nothing of me, my education and experience or the circumstances under which I have done any job).

To explain in full what I have done and under what circumstances would be War and Peace. The point of being here, AFAIK, is not to go into the minutiae of every little thing every OP has or hasn’t done before an ignoramous like you gets off on shooting posters down in flames instead of rational argument and inoffensive posts. Let’s say you’re right and I did something on my own in ignorance and could have got blown up or burnt the house down, do you honestly think your belligerent reply helps anything except bolster your own sense of importance? (Rhetorical). Once again, in typical DIYnot style, we don't get off the first page without some troll wannabe ruining it.

I can see this going down the usual DIYnot route of a juvenile tit-for-tat slagging match soap, attracting hits for all the wrongs reasons. re So I’ll nip it in the bud and you can have the last word. Thanks again for the help expertgasman, I will get this done in my own time with the help and advice of experts, where needed and legally necessary, and maybe post a pic when it’s done. You know in the past some people who purport to like me have said why I don’t post here more often. Yeah right; this is yet another example why and the sort of crap I don’t get elsewhere. If it looks like I’m ignoring this place it’s because I can’t be bothered to log in. Happy Christmas and New Year to all...

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18 Jan 2004
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Big Tone

Have a look at the "Gazco" range they do quite a range of ballanced flue
gas fires, from flat glass fronted fires which will match your big screen TV
to inset fires with fake coals, again with ballanced flue.
No idea on prices but have fitted a couple with no problems.


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