Gas meter only supported by pipes - is this safe?

4 May 2005
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United Kingdom

There has been gas work going on all up the road where my Mum lives, and as a result they have replaced the pipe going from the road into my Mum's house with a plastic one. This involved fitting the new pipe to the gas meter ( which is inside the house ).

The problem is that the gas meter is now no longer fixed to the wall. It is basically where it was, but an inch lower and at a slight angle, and is only supported by the pipes going in and out the top - it is effectively hanging from them.

Is this safe? Or should we insist that they secure it to the wall before they have finished the road? Surely the pipes aren't meant to support the weight of the meter?

Thanks in advance.
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You are quite right. If we find one like that we just call Transco (0800111999) but it makes sense that the other guys should do it.
I had the same a few yrs ago. The meter was held up 2 inches above the floor by the pipework.
I called out Transco. Their solution.............. they
put a piece of wood underneath to support it :LOL:

When I protested they cut me off saying I had to call out a Corgi.
They later reconnected me after I kicked up a fuss.
To be honest about 30 percent of meters fitted like this and of no danger , but if transco have just worked on it ,it should be on a jig .
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I was involved with meter exchanges a couple of years ago, if we came accross a meter that was not bracketed to the wall we had to fit one, Transco's rules not mine, if your meter was originally fitted with a bracket, then they should not have removed it, they are probably contractors working for Transco and are just cutting corners to save time, complain to Transco and get them to fit the meter correctly, it is not safe to have the meter hanging from the pipework, ACS MET1, states certain requirements for meters one of them is a bracket.

Mind you Transco are a law onto themselves
Thank you all for your replies.
I'll get on to Transco - hopefully we'll get better results than BAHCO did!

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