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24 Oct 2010
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Hi, I'm looking for some advice about my gas meter readings. Initial side note there has been minimal gas used since 1/4/17 as I was on holiday for 2 weeks (I'll revisit this again!) and haven't touched the central heating since. I.e. It was Always off but a combi boiler so supplies hot water.
This is a long post, with lots of numbers and I've tried to present it in the best way I can, I hope you stick with me because I'm really in need of some advice...!

17th May 2017 I completed a switch from an old supplier to new supplier... took note of my final reading and sent it off to old supplier.

I noticed when I sent this reading off that it was unusually high for the month, (both of these readings are actuals by myself)
(26/4/17) = 6455
(17/5/17) = 7618 which gives a total of 1163 units = 13010KwH = £292.

On the back of this my gas summary for the year (ish), which old supplier have put in an email to me I have the following information...
19/5/16 = 5424
26/4/17 = 6455 which gives a total unit usage of 1031units = 11544KwH = £262.

[You may say this is a low £ on gas, but it's a small house, I live alone and I work full time.]

So I rang old supplier with some concerns about its validity on 17/5/17. The explained to me to complete 7 days meter readings at the same time with photo evidence which I did.
18/5/17 = 7673
19/5/17 = 7736
20/5/17 = 7818
21/5/17 = 7908
22/5/17 = 7974
23/5/17 = 8032
24/5/17 = 8091

= 418 units = 4676KwH = approx £105 ... in a week!!!

Whilst taking these readings I ensured all gas appliances were switched off all week (showered at the gym and didn't use the gas hob), and even while I was at the meter, the meter numbers were rising every time I refreshed the digital dial.

As a result of this evidence /information old supplier explained they would investigate with a meter accuracy test and this could take up to 4 weeks. Long and short of it, they are no longer my supplier so were no longer interested in looking into this for me...

Fast forward to now and my new supplier has got the ball rolling with the meter accuracy test given the same information as above. It must be said both suppliers have been excellent at getting me to this stage.

I wasn't worried about it at all until today as the readings were so ridiculously high I thought it must be a fault so was confident the test would prove this to be the case... I've continued to take readings recently and today's meter reading has me totally baffled ...

10/6/17 = 8551
21/6/17 = 8627.307
22/6/17 = 8660.385
23/6/17 = 8660.417
24/6/17 = 8660.524
28/6/17 = 8660.718

It's hardly moved, in 6 days...?! (The miniscule movement will probably be showers and gas hob usage)... as to be expected.

What's going on? ... if it was a leak the meter wouldn't go back to normal .. would it?! Could it be an intermittent fault?! The gas meter box and surrounding area look intact, and comparing the image of my house/gas meter box; from a couple of years ago on Google Maps; the pipe into and out of the box all match up?! Could it be something that a neighbour has done while I was away in April?! I've had an overgassed boiler mentioned to me today, but it's not been used?!

Thanks to anyone who's made it this far in my post!! I know I've done all I can but currently I'm a lot of money in debt to the gas company unless the meter is found to be faulty...?!
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Shut the ECV @ meter for a few days and note the meter readings.
Nice idea! In hindsight I should have done that earlier on in the process! I suspect (given the last few days readings) that the reading won't move now until they come and do the test though... if it even adds a digit there's an issue now though!!
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I presume you mean, because they knew I was switching, they have somehow done something with my gas meter ... really?!
I presume you mean, because they knew I was switching, they have somehow done something with my gas meter ... really?!
Sounds unlikely...

Is it a standard mechanical meter?
some meters are inaccurate,ask your gas billing company to test your meter,
the meter has an internal memory,it can be looked at by your supply company.
not a lot of people know that or wish to tell you that.
think you have to pay for the test info/results,it depends on many factors.

They win.

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