george soros funding anti-brexit campaign

18 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
Putin, some years ago, issued an international arrest warrant for George Soros and the Rothchilds. Yes, Soros is the same guy allowed to continue unabated in our country!

See below.


A key pro-EU campaign to reverse the Brexit vote has been given more than £400,000 of funding by American billionaire George Soros, the Guardian can disclose.

The business magnate, who is the founder of the Open Society Foundation (OSF), made more than £1bn betting against the pound on Black Wednesday which forced the British government to pull it from the European exchange rate mechanism.

The Best for Britain campaign, which advocates remaining in the EU rather than fighting for a soft Brexit, has received the six-figure sum from OSF since the June 2017 election, sources have told the Guardian.

The campaign is chaired by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a former UK government minister and deputy UN secretary general.

It was cofounded by Gina Miller, who took the UK government to court over the triggering of the Article 50 process to leave the European Union.

Malloch Brown said the campaign group had followed all rules and regulations governing financial contribution. “We, like millions of people believe that Britain should lead, not leave Europe,” he said.


George Soros “We work with campaigners, businesses, unions, politicians and community groups to make sure everyone has a strong campaigning voice,” he said.

“George Soros’s foundations have, along with a number of other major donors, also made significant contributions to our work. Indeed through his foundations he has contributed £400,000. But our small donors have collectively contributed more and the commitments of the other major donors also exceed this amount. So he is an important and valued donor but his funding is one among many sources.”

Best for Britain said it had collected more than £413,000 in small donations from sympathetic members of the public.

“We are proud of the campaign we have embarked on,” Malloch Brown said. “We think the British people deserve a final say on the Brexit deal and believe the country has been led down a dangerous false turn.


Gina Miller “This is a democratic and patriotic effort to recover our future and we welcome support for our efforts from many quarters. We believe we speak for a democratic majority in a country now facing up to the consequences of a Brexit negotiation that has been captured by a handful of hardliners.”

Eloise Todd, the chief executive of the Best for Britain campaign, was a former executive director of Global Policy at The ONE Campaign. The campaign is supported by politicians including former Labour minister Andrew Andonis and former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron. Adonis is planning a tour of the UK focussing on changing the minds of Brexit votes in the coming months.

The organisation has a full-time staff of around 10 people and a training programme led by Mike Moffo, a senior organiser for former US president Barack Obama.
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What's the price of a full-page ad on the front of the Daily Mail and the Daily Express?

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you don't think that was the only one, do you.
blimey its going to cost that johnny depp a few squid then ?

what has he got to do with this brexit caper ?? is he going to be in a film about it ?
The campaign group isn't a political party, but you make an interesting point. Interesting how the foreigners seem to want us to stay in.
Gina Miller came here aged 10 and apart from a short time back in Guyana has been here ever since
She is entitled to an opinion
Yes, she is, but an honest opinion would be appreciated, rather than a lying hypocritical one. Having stated her dedication to the remain camp; to take the government to court to force parliament to debate Brexit in the name of democracy, show what sort of person she really is. I wouldn't trust her further than I could throw her.
take the government to court to force parliament to debate Brexit in the name of democracy

it's strange how the anti-EU mob are even opposed to the Supremacy of Parliament.

Some of them claimed that they approve of Parliamentary Democracy, and that's why they are Quitters.

Obviously they aren't honest and sincere.
Oh grow up John, it's always the same old never ending crap from you; you've got about 5 stock answers to everything. I hate liars, that's all, and she just reeks of insincerity.
Gina Miller came here aged 10 and apart from a short time back in Guyana has been here ever since
She is entitled to an opinion

No she isn't !!!! She tried through the courts to hinder the referendum result a democratic process. She should shut her mouth and let the elected politicians get on with it instead of trying to subvert the result.
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