george soros funding anti-brexit campaign

That information is from google, when searched for "George Soros residence".
I made the assumption that nationality and citizenship were interchangeable. Apparently the distinction is blurred.
A British national is entitled to UK citizenship, which is a legal status. (I am aware of the British National Overseas but that is not the case in this instance) Nationality is, apparently, not a legal status, more of a birthright. Perhaps citizenship can be relinquished or removed, nationality cannot. Whether they (British nationals) actually take up the option of citizenship is for them to choose. I assume it is simply a matter of applying for a passport, although some countries do not allow dual/multiple citizenship/passports. This is not the case with UK. UK does allow multiple citizenship.
As I said before, I cannot understand how someone can have more than one nationality, if it is your place of birth. So the distinction is obscure.

or you couldve saved yourself the bother of writing all that diatribe and just said you were wrong :)
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Wiki lists him as US/Hungarian, when they state his citizenship. They don't feel the need to add the word 'Jew' either, even if that is how he may describe himself. Perhaps because it has nowt to do with describing his citizenship?
Maybe Vinty would describe him as a Jewish Man.U. fan when asked about his football allegiance?
Maybe Vinty would describe him as a Jewish opera lover or a Jewish antiques collector, when asked about his love of arts etc.
Perhaps Vinty now knows how stupid his statement sounded.(y)
What is the connection between collecting antiques and ethnic identity? my O.P. was about foreigners interfering in UK politics, I I referred to Soros as a Hungarian Jew simply to point out he was he wasn't British, maybe we shouldn't use terms like Iraqi Kurd or Syrian Arab in case it offends some one,
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.....because it is pointless and has no bearing when stating their nationality.
Not always so.

For example an Israeli Arab is a correct term because an Israeli Arab may have Israeli citizenship, but they class their nationality as either Palestinian or Arab.

And Ethiopian Jews for example is also relevant because they are entitled to Israeli nationality due to their religion, and thus are different from other Ethiopian nationals.

The OP is correct though - Soros isn't British!
What is it like, living with "goal obsession"?

Ad Hom attacks are deflecting strategies: you are wrong but wont admit it.

Why dont you make some more excuses, heres a few:

'apparently the distinction is blurred' :)

'its more nuanced than that' :)
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