Getting Old Checklist

1 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
Have you ever..................

- bought pandrops?
- complained about the 'youth of today' (including: music, dress sense)?
- read your junk mail about stairlifts from cover to cover?
- contracted regular urine infections?
- had a complete conversation with a stranger about how hot/cold it was?
- used the phrase "when I was young" in any sentence?
- had sexual thoughts about Daniel O'Donnell?
- bought a season ticket for Bingo?
- enjoyed a full episode of Hearbeat?
- bought a sideboard or china cabinet?
- been proud of your ornament collection depicting popular UK holiday resorts (i.e. Mug with I Love Skegness)
- expected people to let you go ahead of them in a queue?
- hung out your washing EXCEPT for your underwear, which ONLY goes over the radiators/onto a clothes horse in the house
- let loose a trail of mini-farts as you walked?
- recorded the Queen's Speech at Christmas?
- not bothered to cut nasal/ear hair before going to the supermarket?
- left that huge festering boil on the back of your neck untouched, for the amusement of people sitting behind you on the bus?
- managed to grow houseplants?
- worn socks with sandals?
- had a party without the neighbours even knowing?
- walked with your hands clasped behind your back?
- forgotten when your bowels last moved?
- picked up litter from the street that wasn't yours?

The more answers you agree with, the older you are :LOL:
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only yes to 4 and before you ask even my wife wouldnt have sexual thoughts about Daniel O'Donnell :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Yes to 3 of them... Bloody surgeons damaged my bladder in an op for something else. Took months of agony for it to heal :cry:

My underwear does not get pegged out, it goes in the tumble dryer - I once had some perv nick it all off the line :eek:

I can grow houseplants LMAO

What are pandrops?