Glow-worm Compact 75e LOCKOUT

17 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone.

New to the forum and wondered if anyone could assist?

I have a glow-worm compact 75e which recently had its Plate-to-Plate heat exchanger replaced due to lots of banging noises and no consistent hot water coming out of the system...

Now, the temperature is back to normal and the boiler is not making anymore banging noises, I am experiencing a constant and automatic switch on of the 'BOILER LOCKOUT' led light.

So, this essentially means, each time we turn the radiators on OR the hot water tap -you have to always go to the boiler and switch the BOILER LOCKOUT button, before any hot water will come out of the system.

To maintain hot water, you have to keep the water running -otherwise after stopping for a few minutes -the boiler lockout light comes on again and no hot water!!

I managed to get the manual from the glow-worm site, but no help.
Can anyone cast some ideas about why this is happening?

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I am not familiar with this boiler but failing any other suggestions I would be looking for some sort of pump overrun device which dipsitates the heat in the heat exchanger before the pump shuts off, does the pump stop immediatly after turning the tap off and the burners have gone off ?
I am taking it for granted that the system is full of water and up to correct pressure, 1 bar cold.
your absolutely right, the boiler continues to work -i.e. the pump continues to work even after turning the tap off.

The system is full of water and up to 1 bar pressure
I am wondering if the overheat stat has been damaged and weakened by the
banging you had to start with, might be worth checking that first if all else seems ok.

Unless anyone else on here is familier with this boiler a call to Glowworm technical might be useful or get some installation fault finding paperwork from them.
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not longer than around 2 minutes. Then you can hear the boiler starting up (ignition light go on) and turning off (ignition light off) for a couple of times, before the red boiler lockout button goes on and stops ANY heating for the house, that includes both hot water and radiators until you switch it off.

Thanks pedantic, it could be worth me dropping them a line tomorrow when they are open -but I have meanwhile tried to get hold of some paperwork to assist on this -but only found the manual from the glow-worm site which hasnt got any info re: the lockout light.

Dave :eek:
youll have to bear with me kev, as Im a newbie when it comes to boiler parts and plumbing... Whats a PCB?

Is this something that I could repair myself easily or shoudl i get someones assistance?

means im gonna have to call my landlord again for him to get the boiler guy back to look at it......

im not sure how well he will receive me!

Oh well, unless nooone else has a theory thats what im gonna do...

well surely if you are renting the place, its not your problem to fix anything (unless you broke it)

regarding a pcb


this is a pcb with nothing on it


this is a pcb with components on it

obviously they are not the same pcb, and i do not know what they are for, but they are good pictures, i couldnt be bothered to open my pc and take a pic of the mobo
but i dont wanna come across too dumb -i do know what a printed circuit board is -just never dealt with a 'boilers' printed circuit board before...

Its not as straight forward as that. I was pestering him a lot about fixing our boiler and it didnt get sorted for at least a week. Now, the plate-to-plate heat exhanger has rectified the constant hot water and heating -this has come up...

ITs really annoying to have to switch the lockout button everytime prior/post using the boiler -so I will have to eventually tell the landlord -but i aint too sure how fast hes gonna get it sorted for us....

This thing is turning out to be a real pain....Bloody glow-worms!

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