GU10's Keep blowing - Help!

I was looking so hard to find a comparison/actual light rating that I missed that little point. Oh well, I thought it was too good to be true.

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LEDs only give out a single wavelength of light.

A 60w lightbulb gives an even spread of red blue green yellow orange etc, without even trying, this is why they are so popular even today.

A fluorescent requires a bit of fine tuning to give a similar spread of light, they are becoming more popular.

An LED will still only emit a single colour of light. This makes them very clinical, almost makes the light beam feel "dark" because not much gets reflected back into the eyes if the colours aren't spot on!
note that what crafty has said does not entirely apply to white leds.

white LEDs do not generally work by mixing primaries but by combining a blue or UV led with a flourescent coating. in the case of a UV led the coating is made to give out white light, in the case of a blue LED the coating is made a yellowish color which should mix with the blue light from the LED to give a white.

but yeah you can't beat (or even really match) incandescents for color rendering quality and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.
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sm1thson said:
ppuch1 said:
What about the extra Carbon emmissions and helping to save the planet etc.
It will also increase your elec bill.
are you talking about from the GU10's or a 12 v pc fan? :confused:

It was said with tongue in cheek but I mean due to all the extra 12v fans

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