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Have you guys worked with DULUX DIAMOND TRADE MATT. Help please

Discussion in 'Decorating and Painting' started by MissBuilding1975, 28 Jun 2019.

  1. MissBuilding1975


    21 Jan 2017
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    United Kingdom
    Hi guys,

    I am having serious problems with this Paint finish (Diamond), i opted for highest durability finish tinted colour (dusted moss 4) to paint over my 5 year old emulsion painted wall.Though i have been having a nightmare with this paints drying times. It is just drying way to quickly.

    Literally applying the paint then around 5 mins after it dries to a state that when i give final lap to wet edges, it just pulls off or scuffs the near dried paint.

    I have been informed via dulux customer services that this trade paint can be thinned down to a max 20% without it effecting its performance, though, rarely this high percentage is not needed and you can thin down with water as little as 7% which i did (7%). The paints consistency wasn't that thick to suggest problems, but the drying times is just a joke.

    The weather today was hot, 20 degrees outside and 21 degrees in the home. I have tried cooling the home down and i am ready to try again, though, before doing so.

    Can any of you please recommend any advice in preventing this problem from happening again please, should i add more water to the paint ? if so how much percentage, i still have plenty of the previous paint mixed and watered down (7%). Any tips please guys.

    Your experience with this particular paint is greatly appreciated and advice given.

    Below is a picture of the tin used.


    Many thanks to all.
  2. sxturbo


    12 Jan 2014
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    United Kingdom
    I had the same thing with Valspar gold paint, except it didn't peel off just dries as soon as it got the wall.

    Only thing I can recommend is to work quick and try not to over roll.

    Build the coats of paint up by painting thin and work with the aim of doing 3 coats so the paints not going on Thick.

    Don't have any fans on as this will help dry the paint quicker.

    Lastly if it's not a paying job paint of an evening when it's cooler.

    All help I can offer I'm afraid.

    I don't like the idea of thinning paints, I think if it was a good idea to thin it then the manufacturer would make it that thin, however I do note that in some instances you do have to thin it.
  3. opps


    16 Jun 2006
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    United Kingdom
    Applying the first coat of Diamond Matt can be a real PITA. A lot depends on the previous paint and the levels of suction.

    I often roll the walls first, let the paint dry and then do the cutting in.

    The second coat will however be much nicer to work with and should flow nicely. You shouldn't have too many problems with the cutting in wet, on wet.

    I often add Floetrol to the first coat of DT Diamond Matt to help it flow. As I said earlier, the second coat is not normally problematic.

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