1. J

    Emultion paint in shower?

    New member here ! I'm sorry if this is a really silly thing to ask but painting over a horrible paint job in a new property we purchased in Greece. I've been given an emultion which I had to add 10 percent water too, here's a photo.. Is this all going to wash off the second i use the shower...
  2. C

    Painting damp walls

    In the living room of my son's middle floor tenement flat, damp appeared in the corner of an internal wall, external wall and ceiling. Turned out that upstairs had a rising mains leak which was eventually fixed late 2022. However, both walls about 1m each in from the corner were damaged...
  3. N

    Best product for plaster repair?

    I’ve removed some wallpaper from the bedroom in our 1930s house and the plaster has come away in a couple of areas. 1. Under the window - exposing the timber of the bay window wall 2. Partition wall with another room - guess this is brick with plaster and the skim coat has come off. Based on...
  4. W

    Cover an architrave

    How would people suggest I cover up the architrave in the photo below? I dont want to see it all, I'd like a totally flush door. Any special filler or will it just crack? Thanks
  5. Moonhead

    What is this texture?

    Our back bedroom is lined with some fairly hefty lining paper and painted over with this texture. I've had it tested as for the big A and it's come out negative. Picking the surface off, it seems to be almost crystalised inside. I've read about silica sand but not seen anything like this...
  6. DannyDyer

    Reoccurring wall cracks - What should I do?

    I live in a rental flat and it’s location is pretty much perfect for my needs. So I don’t really want to move any time soon. But since moving in, I realised there’s a lot of cracks all over the place. Pretty much every single wall or ceiling has at least one crack across it (left to right)...
  7. J

    Repairing plaster under stripped wallpaper

    Hello, DIY-Novice here hoping to get advice on how to repair some walls I’ve stripped of lino-paper and wallpaper My intention was to strip paper, sugar soap it, sand it and then prime, before filling in crack/gaps. However I am now confused by what I’ve found underneath. In Room 1 it seems...
  8. A

    Paint peeling like wallpaper

    Can anyone tell my why my paint is peeling off like rubber/wallpaper? If the wall gets knocked the paint starts to peel and ends up coming off the wall in sheets. We had 2 rooms replastered early this year. Waiting about 3 weeks until plaster was dry and mist coat with leyland contract Matt...
  9. S

    painted ceiling gone wrong

  10. finlamit

    Tidy up corners of walls and ceiling

    Hi all. I have recently purchased a house, and it is becoming quite evident that the previous owner DIY skills were lacking. See attached photos. Whats the best way to tidy up these corners. Im going to paint a different colour, but it looks like he has slapped the paint without a care in the...
  11. M

    Vapour Barrier In wet room ??, Extractor fan (Yes or No), Tanking.

    Hi All, Currently renovating an old wetroom. 1. Removed everything back to brick. Currently, Have stud battened the walls, insulated the spacing and am now ready to apply the tile backer board, however, before I apply the tile backer board. Should I cover the insulation and battens with a...
  12. JD2012

    Patches of old removed paint showing through new Paint.

    I decided to decorate the small box bedroom in my house as it had not been done for years! As a first step I stripped and sanded the bedroom door smooth with an electric sander after having to scrape some bits. The door I think is wood with a type of hardboard covering. The house was built in...
  13. M

    New wet room renovation,** duplicate 3 **

    In what order would you create a wet room? Renovation. I have stripped the old wet room back to brick. I just want your guys opinions on what order you would do things from materials used to completion. I will have concrete block benches, screed slope floor to the drain, and shower head mixer...
  14. K

    Help! New coat of white paint on ceiling now covered in brown marks?

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me please - I'm so confused. We are trying to redecorate our bedroom (have just moved in to this house). The bedroom was all white - white ceiling and walls. We sugar soaped, rinsed the sugar soap off. Left to dry overnight. Today we start painting the ceiling in...
  15. CrazeUK

    From Magnolia to white - Best paint

    Hi All. Looking at doing a spot of decorating ahead of Christmas and looking for paint recommendations. Current The walls are all Magnolia on plaster with White ceilings. What The lounge and hallway need to be painted totaling around 75m2 Requirements 1. The paint needs to be cleanable as we...
  16. J

    Decorating freshly refurbished house. Where to start

    I have had for dat all house with 3mm multifinish plastering. Now it's time to start painting. From where I start? I understand a first coat of white Matt 50/50 with water and then second and third coat of paint only or just diluted with a bit of water. Any pva? Any tip on how to paint...
  17. EAndy

    Alternative to Gardz for Wallpaper Adhesive Residual

    Hi ya! I was wondering if any of you knows of any alternative to Gardz for sealing the wall after removing wallpaper! I'm on very low income and the place I've just moved into to save money has incredible awful wallpaper. I am ok in doing all the work, I just can't really afford to spend the...
  18. M

    Plastering Cooker hood box

    43622F7A-6B0E-456A-8B1D-41C7A44617AB by Monty_Stranger posted 3 Mar 2020 at 3:20 PM3DBB6AD9-2F74-43FB-959C-61CBF95BD064 by Monty_Stranger posted 3 Mar 2020 at 3:20 PMHi I had a cooker hood installed and it has been boarded on one side. The other sides have been plastered and painted. So how can...
  19. D

    shower screen removal - help!

    i have an old Outasight shower screen over the bath I want to remove as it's hopeless. I have unscrewed the screw and cut through the clear acrylic sealant. however it is simply not shifting. It's like its superglued on. I have now cracked one tile by trying to lever it off and am a complete...
  20. R

    Hygroscopic salt(?) stain

    Hi, Looking for advice with a Hygroscopic salt(?) stain. It does not seem to get worse/larger but reappears after decorating (painting). The facts: Property is brick Victoria-era (mid 1880s) There are no issues with flaking paintwork, white fluff/salt tide marks - just a reappearing stain...