Heating option for Garden shed

the amount off heat with parafin is fairly closely matched to the amount burnt ??

Not sure exact math on the heat vs. amount of paraffin burnt, but one thing clear was that my small Aladdinette II (2 inch wick) seems far more efficient and economic than the 3" wick version.
One fill of the paraffin to the top of the fuel tank in the Aladdinette II seems last for ages, and the heat output is good enough making the shed toasty warm in minutes.

It still had the old paraffin from 2 years ago half tank left in the heater on first lit, and it smelt toxic. But it still burnt ok, and the heat was great.
I got a couple of new bottles paraffin from local B&Q, and hoping them last till the end of this winter, the spring next year.
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Maybe some labor work around garden also helps. I got out and cleared the front garden path, over grown with weeds and covered with fallen leaves using spade, rake and scraper for an hour. I was then sweating and feeling hot as if I were in southern Spain summer. I went into the shed with short sleeves on, still felt hot in the shed was looking for cooling fan or air conditioner. :D
its the very worst thing you can do you might as well half fill a watering can and spray the shed as every litre burnt adds a litre off water to the air that will go strait to the cold metal

just to add it could be an old wives tale that its quart for quart or gallon for gallon burnt but it is a heck off a lot :D

I have been burning paraffin heater in the shed for weeks now, and noticed that the forewarned water problem was only the case, if there was no ventilation. Where there are plenty of ventilation - such as my old wooden shed, hot air containing water warmed up by the paraffin heater was all going out into the vent, and there was no water or damp in the space heated.
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wasted, then.

No waste at all. Because it gives out heat in the midst of the air movement in the shed. Air circulation and ventilation means there is no room for condensation within the space keeping the tools and walls dryer, less chance of tools rusting. Plus, when you go into the shed, it feels warm, which is what the heaters supposed to do.

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