Help fitting probes inside plastic tank

31 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I am pulling my hair out here..

I am trying to fit one of these (the probe of which is 1/2" bsp thread at the end of the probe and 3/4" BSP thread and the cable side of the probe)

and one of these (this probe is 3/4" BSP at both ends)

I am thinking of passing both the probes into the tank via a 40mm compression gland of which will allow 32mm to pass through it

The trouble is these compress to between 22mm and 32mm so the cable on the end of the probes (one is 5mm and one is 7mm) wont get gripped by the gland when I have put the probe through and tightened it up...the only way I can see it working is if I put loads of heat shrink round the cables and thicken them up.

Unless someone has a better idea i.e some sold of gland that has a 32mm opening of which will compress right down.

Once the probes are in the tank I need some ideas on how I can fix them. I am thinking some T's

This was the water will flow through them within the tank as it swirls around and the probe tips will screw into the 3rd part of the T

The trouble here is how do I fix them inside the tank?

I could possibly use something like this

and a 3/4" one from somewhere then one of these

and fix them through the tank using one of these..

I dont want to cut them into the side of the tank as I need to be able pull them out and drop them into calibration solution every few weeks without having to drain the tank if they go through some kind of a gland above the water line and are mounted internally the user can simply unscrew them and pull them back out through the tank.

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Excuse my curiosity but why do want to know the pH and conductivity of the water?

Why not just drape the probe over the top of the tank?

It sounds a bit fishy to me.

Its for a mobile phone controlled hydroponic system ive been working on for several months...electronics side is no problem its the plumbing, fittings etc that are driving me mad
I think the easiest way as far as fixing would be to get some kind of piece of plastic in an L shape and somehow cut a 1/2" bsp thread into it and a 3/4" bsp thread into it and bolt the other side of the L through the tank..sealing with washers etc
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Or a 1/2" stainless A4 thin nut and a 3/4" stainless A4 thin nut fixes to some kind of L bracket of which will be bolted through the tank
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