help my internet be restored/realighned!! please

17 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
thanx in advance folks,
first about me- im not the sharpest tool in the box so please dont use to many abbreviations, and you can never be too specific in describing in what your saying :D

the problem

wireless laptop, belkin router upstairs, added orange router from downstairs, and now neither will work. if i open my network connections page- their mostly disabled and i cant rectify it. if i hover over my internet icon in bottom right it tells me fast access, excellent signal. when i fire up either internet page- it thinks about it, then displays network error and offers to let microsoft of the problem,then shuts down the internet window, any easy repairs welcome

kind regards

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You say "you added orange router from downstairs, and now neither will work". What does that mean exactly?

Routers are primarily used to join one network to another. I can see no reason for you wanting to do this.

If you can describe the setup in more detail, it would certainly help. Provide model numbers of the network gear.
thanx for the speedy response internet dicks about sometimes- i have my landline upstairs (belkin) and when it didnt work yesterday, i added my mrs's router to my laptop from from downstairs- now both are refusing to give me a homepage although the comp says their both connected- one thing that happened- whilst loading up the orange router software- my internet icon wanted to stop orange from becoming its homepage ?? which i overrided, thanx again in advance for your responses
I'm still confused.

Please describe all your equipment, PCs, routers, network adaptors and tell us how it is all connected together.
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belkin 54g router on a bt landline,bt internet.this is mine and is the primary internet

orange ee router on seperate bt landline, orange provided internet.

gateway laptop

kind regards
Ok, two separate Internet connections.

You wouldn't be able to swap routers without changing their connection settings, so put them back as they were.

Let's look at each in turn, starting with the Belkin. You say that the PC connects to the router, that's a good start. Now, is the router connected to the Internet? Can you describe the lights on the router and their status?
both routers connected to internet-im obviously typing on the wife's now- if it comes to removing anything from my comp- i'll need guidance there.
kind regards