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20 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
Can anyone help? I am trying to log on to my new wireless internet. A Belkin router. However, it won't allow me to and when I use the diagnostic it states that there may be a problem with my firewall settings? How do I alter the settings and will my computer still be safe?
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More likely a config problem right now.

Who configured the Belkin wireless box ?

and who configured the wireless on the PC ?

Is everything new i.e. broadband line etc... or have you just added or changed an existing router ?
Go back to basics first and connect the pc and belkin via an ethernet cable.

once done open internet explorer and type the following line into the address bar (not the search box!!!)

then hit return and you will be prompted for a user name and password.

From there you can access the wireless settings- to start with turn off all wireless security whilst you are trouble shooting.

Now unplug the ethernet and try to connect via wifi (there will now be no password to worry about)

If you are on vista and are getting a local connection only then go to


If however all is fine then go back to the belkin pages and try wpa encryption and set password- now when you try to reconnect you will be prompted for the password.

The issue might indeed be your firewall- disable it- you are safe enough as the belkin has a firewall in it.

As Wanleg suggests it is difficult to comment further without knowing more about your pc and set up
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