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Help with bow window/canopy roof

Discussion in 'Building' started by Ikneweskimo, 25 Sep 2021.

  1. Ikneweskimo


    25 Sep 2021
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    United Kingdom

    I think I may have gotten myself in a bit of a mess. Yesterday I changed the Bow window in the living room of a house I've just bought. There's a canopy roof above it that goes over the porch and then across the house. The roof looks like it's coming away from the wall on one side where the gallows bracket is rotten, but hasn't moved since I have owned the house so it's on my to do list.

    I wanted to change the window as there's white ship lap on the ceiling in the bay in the living room, and I want to board and skim that before work starts on the living room itself.

    However after I took the old window out I've noticed that the shiplap runs right through to the outside of the canopy roof. (I thought the inside and outside of the house would be separated somehow and I could just remove the timber inside and board it, then address the roof at a seperate time)

    I'm a bit stuck now, as the window had to go in because I had already taken the old one out, but I had to leave the shiplap up because there wouldn't have been anything above the window had I taken it all down before installing it... so I have a few questions

    1. Should there be something above the window in the canopy roof that blocks inside from outside, and if so, what?

    2. What should I put above the window, should I insulate it, membrane and then plastboard it?

    3. Is there a way I could jack the roof up on the corner rhats dropped, renew the gallows bracket and fix the top of the roof back to the wall where I assume it's come away?
    Ideally I would prefer not to take the whole thing down, and I'd prefer not do anything that will mess up the inside of the house above the bay if I board and skim it.

    I have attached some.pictutes were you cab see the shiplap, the lack of any separation in the canopy roof and the sagging roof where the bracket has rotted.

    Sorry for the long post, I would appreciate any advice!

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  3. ^woody^


    3 Sep 2006
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    West Mids
    United Kingdom
    Drop some quilt insulation above the ceiling.

    Prop the roof up with a 4x2

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