Hitachi TV 22LD4200UK +XP

15 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
This could be a software problem. (I hope it is).
I have been running Windows millennium, using an Hitachi TV as the monitor, without any problems for 6 months.

I have today obtained a new pc running windows xp.

The system boots up, displays the XP logo, then I get a blank screen.( I then get an error message which is generated from the tv 'signal out of range') According to the tv user instructions 'PC input signal is not supported by LCD-TFT TV.

If I plug a standard CRT monitor into PC, all is ok.

Any ideas appreciated.
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You probably need to boot into safe mode, and reduce the refresh rate to say 60Hz, LCD's do not really suffer from flicker.
Eddie...Just checked it is set to 60..
I then reconnected to TV & ran in Safe Mode & its visible, but do a restart & get the same error message.
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It took a long time changing from CRT to LCD, I got there eventually. It was a resolution issue.