It looks like we are back tos quart one sadly :(

Tested it by scheduling the water to come on for an hour this morning and the water didn’t come on but the heating came on, this tells me the wires are in fact the wrong way around :(

However if I switch them back again, when I press water the boiler doesn’t start up/ turn on, so any ideas what’s wrong?
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Oh right thanks.

Looks like we also have a pumped system as I found this under the floorboards near the cylinder tank.

So back to square one, the hive is now in non gravity mode (green solid light), so when we press hot water nothing happens, when we press hearing, the boiler fires up and the radiators get hot
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There mustn’t be a switch live back to the boiler for the hot water on.
There’s a a Honeywell valve thing? As seen in the picture


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looking at your original picture for the Danfos 102, I think you had

T1 - 1 x brown
T2 - 1 x brown
T3 - 3 x Earth
T5 - 2 x blue
T6 - 1 x brown
link between T3 & T6 - blue

Your Hive picture shows
N - 3 x blue (from T5) <<====
L - 1 x brown (from T6)
3 - 1 x brown (from T1)
4 - 1 x brown (from T2)
E - 3 x earth

Did you place all the blue cores into "N". You should have discarded the link previously between T3 and T6 as that's not required for Hive. The link is internal.

I believe you should have moved
T6 -> L
T5 -> N
T1 -> 3
T2 -> 4
T3 -> Earth tether

Can you confirm what was moved from "x" to "y".
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I did exactly what you said I’d I’m honest haha, The only thing I’m unsure on, is which cabke goes to 3 on hive and which goes to 4, as the cables were not labelled but I’ve tried switching them and nothing happens.

Could this mean the Honeywell valve is broken? It’s the original one and wasn’t replaced in 2020
Presumably before you started the system was working correctly with the Danfoss and your only change was to swap Danfoss to Hive. Are you able to re-instate the Danfoss to verify the central heating is OK?

When you said "did exactly what you said" does that mean the link between 3 & 6 was not carried forward. Mixing the cores going into 3 & 4 should mean the CH comes on when you ask for HW and vice versa. Have you also left the Hive in "gravity mode"

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