Hope for the Sub ?

Sonar equipment has picked up banging sounds possibly from inside the sub race against time to rescue or just a body retrieval .
Unfortunately, it's been reported that they have passed away.
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Still too soon?

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It did cross my mind, but this looks legit:

A manager at the branch, in the city of Rincon, refused to comment to local news outlet WTOC 11, but confirmed the lettering on the sign had been taken down following complaints. Subway's head office blamed a franchise operator and promised it would not happen again.


Is that Please See Below. Is it in another thread?
The mother was talking on the radio and definitely said the boy was disappointed not to be able to go on the original dive because he was too young. That dive was cancelled and when rearranged he was old enough so she swapped places with him. She said he was desperate to go and very excited about it. Not that any of this means a lot, under the circumstances, but I do think the story about him being afraid and not wanting to go was just that - a media story.
So the the way the press paint it, the mother says one thing when she talks to the them, and her sister says another

Object lesson; don't talk to the press
Stupid people set sail across the Atlantic in poorly kitted out yachts and drown on a regular basis and it hardly makes the news.

Same for people climbing mountains or cave diving

This is only news worthy because it’s billionaires and the titanic.
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