Hot tub electric question

No, that's not right.
If you see him again, tell him he needs a new van.

Get a different electrician.
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So that switch should go in where the red switch is? The problem is the people who owned the house before us live abroad and rented it out for years.... I have no way of finding out why they have done what they have done..... I'll get the electrician back out.... Last time he came though he said the whole board needed upgrading as it was old and regs say they shouldn't be worked on anymore.... Is that right? Or could an electrician just sort out the switches? Thanks very much for your replies....
Get a different electrician then.
There is no reason why it 'shouldnt be worked on anymore'.
But yes, that RCD shouldnt have been removed. Can you post a photo of your meter and main service fuse as It may be a TT system, and needs an RCD to ensure it is safe. A photo will help!
Gotta go work now.... I'll post a photo of meter as soon as I can tmrw.... Thanks guys
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I'll get the electrician back out.... .
That person was not an electrician.
No electrician would have left that broken item in there. Even if they didn't t have a replacement with them, it could have been removed and a blank plate fitted in a couple of minutes.
Get someone else.

Last time he came though he said the whole board needed upgrading as it was old and regs say they shouldn't be worked on anymore.... Is that right? Or could an electrician just sort out the switches? .
Totally wrong - there is no requirement to replace things just because they are 'old'. It's not even that old anyway, probably 20 years, maybe less. Parts for it are readily available.

Whoever removed the RCD was also a fool - if it was faulty, it should have been replaced with another one.
Or if there was a fault on one or more circuits causing it to trip, that fault should have been located and fixed. If that's why it was removed, it's inevitable that the fault is still there.
Probably a "how long is a piece of string" question but what kind of price would a new 32amp switch for the hot tub, new switch to replace the broken one and new rcd (is that right) switch be? I've tried googling it but there's a million different types of switches made by hagar....
The 32A and broken 16A things are MCBs which are only 3 or 4 pounds.
Google Hager MT116 and MT132

If the RCD was removed because of a faulty circuit tripping it then it can likely be reused.
The fault will have to be found and rectified.
...and if the RCD was removed because it was faulty, and there is no faulty circuit to repair, then thats only another £30 ish.
Thanks so much guys..... Really appreciate your help.... I'll keep you posted!!
You should have an electrician thoroughly inspect the whole installation.

Given that abomination of the CU (and a good chance that it was ****ed about with like that by a tenant), there's no guarantee that there aren't other things they also ****ed about with. And no guarantee that the cable to the gazebo can actually cope with a 32A load.
As a last warning to add to the above! Under no circumstances should you connect a hot tub, or anything else, to that gazebo circuit unless there is an RCD protecting it. An RCD is needed to protect you and your family from electric shock.
Ok.... As promised an update... Had electrician out... Gonna have a new metal fuse board, split rcd's?? Installed and full test.... When he took the cover off the fuse for the hot tub did not have the proper connection at the bottom as the metal bar was too short (hope that makes sense) and a wire had been attached loosely... Had a think about it and seems like the safest and most intelligent (as we will be in this house for a long time) thing to do.... Cost will be £340..... Thanks everyone for your advice, probably saved me from being boiled alive in the hot tub!!

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