Hot Water a trickle from a mixer tap

3 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom
We had a leak under the bath for months so if we wanted to have a bath or shower we turned the water on at the combi boiler each time. Yesterday a plumber came to fix the leak, put in a new radiator in the same bathroom, fix a leaking tap, and plumb in a toilet.

This morning one of my sons had his usual shower. The other went straight into the bathroom and hardly any hot water coming from the shower but full water coming out of the basin tap.

The plumber, a very nice man, had popped round to return my key he had inadvertantly taken home with him so I told him re the shower. That was at 11:30. He left at 4:30 and doesn't know what is wrong with it.

He took the mixer tap off and the water came out of the cold pipe into the bath fine but trickled out of the hot. When you turn the basin on it stopped altogether. He took off the pipe that he had put on and something else (can't remember the name) and turned the bath back as to how it was when he arrived yesterday morning including the same piece of pipe that he had originally removed. The leak was back but the trickle was still there. He has tried all different sizes of washers but nothing worked although the leak has now gone.

He said to get a new mixer tap but when my husband came home we removed the mixer tap and the hot water was still a trickle into the bath.

Now we can not run a bath or have a shower. The plumber says he can do no more.

Any ideas anyone?? The pressure on the boiler is fine and hot water is coming out of the basin tap and the kitchen tap.

Thank you
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So to summarise, you now have almost no hot water flowing - what, in ANY taps in the house, or just the bathroom and shower?
Sounds very much like a faulty shower valve or bath/shower mixer. Any chance you could post up some photos & we'll try to help further.

It's a bit strange how your Plumber said he could do no more??!!

Who was it that said a picture is better than a 1000 words, or something like that??!!
So to summarise, you now have almost no hot water flowing - what, in ANY taps in the house, or just the bathroom and shower?

We have perfect hot water flow in the kitchen abd the bathroom basin but none in the mixer tap for the bath and shower.
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We were going to buy a new mixer tap but the hot water is slow coming up the pipe when the mixer tap is off so I can see how a new tap would work. Besides it was working fine the day before he fixed the leak.

He did have to drain the radiator to put the new one on - would that have done anything?
something is blocking the pipe - goodness knows what or how :confused: . from what I read - you have removed the bath tap and actually watched the water rise up the pipe but only slowly ?. which part of kent - near to or far from sussex.
The plumber removed the new pipe that he had put on and put the old pipe back on - the flow was just the same ie a trickle
Is there a ballafix fitted to the pipe going to the tap? Did he shut off the main to the house when he did the loo?
bit of a long shot but the old rad could have been run on the hot water, it used to be done so the rad was hot when you run a bath, the rad had to be dezincification resistant brass, told you it was a long the rad open ?
Just had a thought is it a combi or a vented cylinder? Could be a air lock? Another long shot but could be if vented system ignore this just re-read post says it a combi
Hi i am a plumber in the Kent area if that's any where near you I could come and check out what's going on for free if that helps kind regards
Some plumbers are short of work.

Pity he is not in London or could have helped the guy who called me today with a running toilet.

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