Housing construction workers - need some inside knowledge

3 May 2010
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United Kingdom
Is there anyone on here how has been personally worked for a large home builder?

I am doing some research into housing. I need to get any negative information that is out there in terms of employee job satisfaction working in this trade, health and safety, job security, how the industry structures wages to promote speed on the job (but not caring about build quality), tax evasion, bid rigging and black listing of workers. Those kind of things.

This is a genuine and serious study as I am trying to promote a better way of building new homes as most of new build leaves much to be desired.

If any out there has much information on this I would really appreciate an email to mail@jasonREMOVETHISmatthews.com to perhaps arrange a chat. Or if you prefer free to post here but it would nice do an informal interview.

As I'm not from the industry and don't have direct experience or contacts to call on its very hard to get this kind of information so any help would be really appreciated.
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