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26 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
I've noticed recently that there are a couple of threads, where people are arguing about the arguments that they've had in other forums, under different usernames. In fact, there's a bit of unpleasantness going on at the moment, though I suspect it will disappear before too long as its getting a bit out of hand.

Now I'm sure that I'm not the only person that surfs at work, and I feel that I'm pushing it a bit to keep up with the General Chat and Electrics on here, with the occasional bit of Digital Spy thrown in (seeing as no-one here seems to care about Sarah Beeney, Girls Aloud or Big Brother), so how on earth can you keep up with all these different forums, especially given that some of you post much more, and much longer, responses than me ?

And whilst we're at it, how many forums does everyone else get involved with ? Apart from this and Digital Spy, I used to go to (and was a mod on)a consumer complaints site, but it got hacked and disappeared, so I'm down to just the two.
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i use this and another forum all the time. there are some other forums im a member of but dont use often
I tend to use just one forum at a time - when I get bored I disappear.

Not yet though Softus.

I was a member on doncaster online forums! but that got hacked and never re-appeared :cry: there is another doncaster forum but hardly anyone uses it :(

How does a forum get "hacked"? what protection does this forum have against hacking?
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johnny_t said:
I've noticed recently that there are a couple of threads, where people are arguing about the arguments that they've had in other forums, under different usernames.

If you're going to say something like that, you should name and shame them!
Oh fair enough - It wasn't meant to be a dark secret. Freddie and Big Spark and the recent camera furore spring to mind, and I'm sure they don't mind me saying it. Someone else seems to have come over from Screwfix to have a pop at Ban All Sheds tonight, though I believe he is Ban All Sheds on Screwfix as well......

The reason I didn't 'name and shame' is because that wasn't really the point of this post - It was more to get an idea of how many forums people can squeeze into their day.
Other forums, what other forums? Are they as entertaining as this one?
i can think of atleast 5 forums

2. ATT

i know there are atleast 3 not mentioned above and im not sure what the current situation is with the mods, they always edit other forums, which is a shame because it looks a bit gestapo on them
I will not comment on the comments about Freddie and myself, as I don't feel it is necessary to the thread, or appropriate..

Personally I have more than 40 forums in my favs folder, however there are only about 4 or 5 I regularly post on..generally I browse them and don't post. I tend to go through periods of interest in a particular forum as all of them have stagnant periods and bouyant periods..

The bulk of mine are nothing related to DIY or Electricity/construction, but science related.

Lately most of my posts have been on one of them in particular, with this a close second...I have also recently started posting on one that i have not visited for many months...interesting to discover what everyones been up to and what their discussing..
Yeah i've noticed your back again and everybodies booked their holidays :LOL:
Freddie said:
Johnny you are wrong here i dont cross forum like that.

Thats one of the reasons why i have different user names and cause i have a bad memory for passwords and also so they cant send the heavies round :LOL:

Fair enough - I was just using you two as an example, not having a go. I've looked in on the other DIY sites, mostly out of curiosity after they've been mentioned on here, and can't seem to get into any of them - Not only does the chat not seem as good, I don't like the formats as much either.
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