How To Keep Metal Gate Open Against A Brick Wall

27 Feb 2024
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United Kingdom
I'm struggling to find a solution to keeping my garden gate open, have Googled lots of ways bit not found anything that will work. Hopefully someone on here will have an idea.

I kind of know what I want, something that will fix to the wall and hold a metal framed gate with composite boards open to stop the wind catching it and slamming it shut. It did just that a few weeks ago and several of the boards flew off, one getting damaged. I don't want to drill into the gate frame.

I'm thinking of something "U" or "L" shaped that will hook over the gate so it stays open, then can be lifted when I want to close it.

Attached are photos of the gate closed, open and the current method of keeping it open, which I think you will agree is less than ideal.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Thanks everyone. That metal frame is really thick and I'd rather not drill into it, was hoping to find something I could attach to the wall and hold the gate in place. Best I can think of is something like an L shaped piece of metal that is hinged on the wall and can be lowered onto the gate to retain it.

I did think of a magnet, but the gate is really heavy and the wind funnels down the side of the house so it would most likely still end up with the gate slamming shut.

Will keep looking...
The gate frame is thick metal and I really don't want to fix anything to it.
I was thinking of something like an upside down U shaped piece of metal attached to the wall, with a slot where it's attached to the wall, so it can be slid up, the gate opened and then slid down over the frame of the gate. Sorry it's hard to describe and I'm really bad at drawing.
You won’t be fixing anything to the gate ….use the bolt that comes out of the gate coded lock to go into a piece of angle steel with a hole in it fixed to the wall…
What he said ^^^^^^^ sounds the best and easiest solution to this.
A simple block of would with a hole in would suffice.
Ahhh got you Sparky, that sounds like a great idea (y)
Having re-read what you said earlier I understand.
Cheers for the help everyone, will let you know how I get on.

And I'm thinking maybe something like this. Might need a block of wood on the wall so it sticks out far enough though.

My hut door is timber, but I hold it open, stop it blowing in the wind, by fixing a magnet on the wall, and a bit of steel on the door.

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