How to stop drip from mains pipe under the kitchen sink?

26 Nov 2014
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United Kingdom
I had to change the washer for a drip on y kitchen cold water pipe. I stopped the water flow to the house from the mains pipe (seen in image) under the kitchen sink. I changed the water and then turned the mains on but now find a drip from the knob(or is stopcock?!) as marked with the arrow in the image.
How do I sort it out as it is collecting a bit and I don't know what I did wrong.

Can any one help me urgently please? :) Megan

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Turn off the mains outside in the street
Open your cold kitchen tap to confirm the water is off and drain down any water in the pipe work.
Remove the tap from the body of the tap and apply a few turns of PTFE.
Reassemble the tap and turn on the water then check for leaks

+1 for the gland nut (the smaller hexagon) if the drip has started after the tap was turned.....tighten it clockwise a bit to compress the stuffing material inside.
John :)
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Assuming drip is coming from spindle as it comes through the small nut by your arrow, then:

1. Turn stop tap fully off.
2. Undo ONLY the smaller nut, the one nearest the handle. This will reveal most of the tap's spindle.
3. Take some plumber's PTFE tape, cut off a length about 200mm and twist into a "string".
4. Wrap the PTFE string clockwise (as you look at it) around the spindle.
5. Push the small nut back down to compress the string, then do it up again.
6. Do the small nut up fairly tight, but not so tight you can't turn the handle.
7. Turn the stop tap on.

If that doesn't do the trick, repeat, adding a further 200mm "string". If that doesn't work you may well have to call a plumber.
omg! You have made my weekend sweet! The gland nut trick did it! How can I thank you guys!

Thanks to HERTSDRAINAGE2010,BURNERMAN and oldbuffer. You are the best.Problem sorted in like five minutes!:D

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