kitchen sink

  1. N

    Kitchen sink waste leak in floor

    Hi, Where the waste pipe from my kitchen sink goes into the floor, there is a rubber seal and the floor is wet/damp (I've marked the seal and wet floor with red in the photo). The pipe is dry, so it seems to me that there is a leak between the seal and the floor. I am thinking of disconnecting...
  2. Harleybear

    Sink pipe won't screw onto the waste basket??

    I got a replacement waste basket from b and q, but it will not screw together. Am I missing something ? Thanks
  3. P

    Fix leaky external kitchen sink pipe

    Hi, I am a novice DIY-er and was wondering how I can fix this external kitchen sink pipe that goes to the drain (see pictures). The 90 degree attached to the wall has cracked and the joint is held with some kind of silicone material. The joint comes off completely sometimes and needs to be put...
  4. ozmarsh

    Help with under kitchen sink leak

    I am a complete novice when it comes to anything DIY. Only just moved into a place of my own. I heard a leak while using the seal to find it was coming out of here. Can anyone tell me what its for & why wouldnt it be connected at one end? How can I stop the leak? TIA
  5. S

    Change direction of kitchen sink waste connection.

    Hi, I need some advice on the best way to trim this pipe and make a new connection. See photos 1614973979567652728988918164331 by Sam Burrows posted 5 Mar 2021 at 7:53 PM 16149739480391495695415063939701 by Sam Burrows posted 5 Mar 2021 at 7:53 PM We're in a flat on the first floor so can't...
  6. G

    should I fit tap in worktop or sink ?

    My daughter has bought a very small ikea sink for the kitchen, its shown with a tap fitted in the worktop. Would I be better to stick to that or cut a hole in the sink for it ?
  7. G

    how to fit kitchen sink unit

    I have removed the old cupboard that the water mains tap through the base of, I now need to replace it. The only way I can see to do that is cut a slot in the new base to accommodate the mains. I also think I may have to leave the back off the cupboard ? Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. T

    Kitchen sink: Bottle trap or P/S trap?

    in the process of fitting new plumbing for the kitchen waste. I read quite some opinions online of people who wouldn't fit bottle traps under a kitchen sink, but rather P trap or S trap. They claimed it fills up with gunk very quickly. I am not one of those people that uses a sink as an...
  9. bettz1

    Plumbing waste kitchen sink help

    Right we've fitted a new sink and are trying to Plumb it up the waste pipe any idea what we'd need to buy? The pipe needs to be cut to fit under the sink That's with the pipes supplied.
  10. A

    Blanco silgranit Sink Discoloured

    Worth a shot wondering if anyone has managed to rescue a blanco silgranit Sink it was anthracite in colour but the middle part has become discoloured. I've been reading online how there supposed to be stain, heat scratch resistant etc I've no idea what's caused the problem ended up with it for...
  11. C

    Kitchen sink 1.5 bowl no plugs left

    Hi, The previous occupant decided to take the kitchen sink plugs - not sure why. The inner hole is the same as a standard plug I reckon, but it is set into a larger hole presumably for some kind of basket. There is no hole in the very middle for an actual basket.. what are the correct plugs...
  12. M

    External Waste Pipe leak for the kitchen sink. Opinions on possible solution / tips / advice.

    Hi Guys, Wondered if you could all help me please regarding my kitchen sinks external weld waste pipe. Six years ago had an extension done on the home, though in the last 2 years my kitchens external drain waste pipe has been leaking a little from the outside on the wall. Could anyone advise...
  13. W

    Kitchen Sink Draining Board Fitting

    Hi All, Trying to find a replacement of this kitchen sink fitting. Not having any luck with the usual homewares / DIY stores. The flat part fits horizontally under the draining board, then carries any run-off to the main sink waste pipe. Any ideas where I could get a new one? Have tried to...
  14. H

    Re-sealing a kitchen sink: what to use?

    I have a new steel kitchen sink in a new laminate worktop, two months old and the sealing strip around it is coming away already. I want to get something to patch the gaps in the sealing strip as it progressively comes away - what though? The worktop is black, the sink stainless steel, and the...
  15. meganfurley

    How to stop drip from mains pipe under the kitchen sink?

    Hi I had to change the washer for a drip on y kitchen cold water pipe. I stopped the water flow to the house from the mains pipe (seen in image) under the kitchen sink. I changed the water and then turned the mains on but now find a drip from the knob(or is stopcock?!) as marked with the arrow...