HTG Engineering Heat Bank

22 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi i am new to this forum so if this question is in the wrong place - Sorry. This is also my first serious bucks heating engineering project.

I am renovating a Crog Loft Cottage in the farthest reaches of North Wales. I want to use a Thermal Store/Heat Bank - i have had several prices from Chelmer / Xcel / Advanced Appliances for 300 ltr unit with solar thermal, 2 immersion heaters for solar PV, solid fuel heat exchanger, and gas boiler - then HTG Engineering Heat Bank came in with a quote for the same but they offered a 500 ltr system but £700 cheaper.

The main difference is that HTG do not use coils (apart from solar coils) and their coil and tank are stainless steel - the water from the heat store is pumped DIRECTLY through the gas and solid fuel boilers - the hot water take off is via a 120kw exterior plate exchanger giving 46 litters per min flow rate. The underfloor heating has its own pressurised exterior heat exchanger to keep the system water clean from that in the heat bank.

AFTER A VERY LONG INTRO ANYONE USED, EXPERIENCED, KNOW OF HTG Engineering Heat Bank. All comments really really welcome.

PS i know all about Gledhill and how bad they are! Thanks in advance. Keith
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You should have posted this in the plumbers section.
A solar UV cylinder would be a better option in my opinion.
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