Hyundai garden multi-tool problem

17 May 2013
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United Kingdom
I bought the Hyundai HYMT5080 50.8cc Petrol Multi-Tool last summer (

I started it up this weekend to attack some bushes I want to cut back with the metal bladed strimmer head. It started easily but I noticed the blade was spinning in idle mode, which is neither normal nor safe. The moment I tried to apply any throttle, it stalled - every time.

I switched the head to the hedge trimmer and the same thing happened - the blades were slowly moving in idle but when I applied throttle it would stall within a second every single time.

I can't think there's any control I forgot to switch but I haven't used such tools much, can anyone think what might be to blame? I'm worried something is broken but want to check first. It was working great and has only been used half a dozen times.
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Two separate issues here.....first, the centrifugal clutch isn't completely disengaging probably due to rust preventing the clutch shoes from fully retracting.
Second, there's a fuel issue with the carburettor which will probably need a strip down to remove any gum or other deposits. Don't try this without an aerosol of carb cleaner standing by!
Can you use the choke a little to keep the engine running, or doesn't it like it?
John :)
Hmm, I only owned it a few months and it's had probably about 3 hours use in total - probably gone through 3L of fuel in total. It's never been used when the weather is wet and has been stored inside; the main body of the thing is spotless still. I've carefully mixed fuel using a brand new bottle and jerrycan.

The issues you describe would suggest it's a right shoddy piece of kit if they have happened as described - but reviews are generally good. You wouldn't be wanting to ask the manufacturer about their warranty if your brand new tool had these issues from minimal use?
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I would imagine Hyundai to be pretty good really - if its anything like their cars!
Try running without the air cleaner on, just in case its saturated with oil. You can also try opening the carb mixture screws an 1/8th of a turn, just in case its trying to run a bit on the weak side.
I'd also recommend you use Aspen fuel or equivalent - it just doesn't gum up at all.
John :)
For sure, if it's under warranty then try fresh fuel or a spark plug but basically that's it......back it goes!
John :)

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