Ideal Vogue Gen 2 Boiler Temperature Won't Exceed 26 Degrees

I agree with reading the manuals in fact I can get a bit OCD about it....Oh you noticed..... and that's why I got confused, because it's the first thing mentioned and comes before the instructions for wiring both 230V and OpenTherm. The Gas safe guy who installed and wired the boiler said that on the previous version of the Vogue the link did have to be removed with Opentherm, so maybe that had an influence also, but I don't know about that.


Not wanting to leave a 'permanent call for heat' in place I removed it.

Anyway, as I seem to be in a minority of one, I will graciously bow out and will not be sending a letter to Ideal suggesting that they amend their wording to include "except where the Room Thermostat/Timer is connected via OpenTherm"

The joys of DIY'ers arguing with professionals :LOL:
That made me smile, considering what I do for a living.
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Thought you might ask ;)

I write technical specifications and installation / operation manuals for bespoke factory control systems. I changed my avatar because the last one was a few years old and I have less hair now.:(
Interesting. My ol' man used to do technical authoring fro all sorts of things - including the Minesweeper from Vosper ThornyCroft. He also wrote training software, of which I used to proof read and "break". It appealed to both our natures :D.

I knew more about exporting supercomputers to former Eastern Block countries than was probably healthy.

Latterly we were both working for a superconductor company making the machines that make computer CPU's.

Primarily doing what you're doing, but from the far Eastern engineers that translated their specs into their version of English. Quite enjoyed all that, just hated being in an office.
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just hated being in an office.
I can understand that. I'm not sure how I ended up with a desk job really. I did an apprenticeship as an electrical engineer primarily because I enjoyed wiring things up and making them work, and partly because back in the early 1980's when 'Y' and 'S' Plans had appeared, my father was a plumber and was struggling to understand the wiring.

Having said that. My current job does have a degree of flexibility, in that it allows me to work from home, get out to visit technically interesting sites and people. Plus, there isn't a lot of pressure, I can leave off writing for the day at any point whether a document is finished or not without causing a problem for anyone. Occasionally there's a technical spec for a proposal that needs completing to meet a tender deadline, but it's not that often.

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