Idiot's Guide to Central Heating

Condensing boilers... are more efficient ... because some of the water vapour in the flue gases condenses back to the liquid state (water).

To aid understanding, suggest

... because some of the water vapour in the flue gases condenses back to the liquid state (water), releasing heat (latent heat of vaporisation) that would otherwise be wasted.

Tell me if I'm being even more of a nuisance than usual.
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I don't know if there was a point to your dig at me, PaulAH.

To those who don't like to see anything other than fawning comments; in general, when feedback is asked for, and it all agrees with the original point it is probably done unthinkingly. If feedback is representative it is likely some will agree, and some will disagree. Complaining about or ignoring the opinions expressed, is just sticking your heads in the sand. To dismiss it as being from a minority is also an indication of lack of thinking, it may (and it may not) contain the key to a successful exercise.

My opinion might be right and it might be wrong, but it's honest, and I might change it too.
That wasn't a dig, for heaven's sake. I was merely stating that Chris had accidentally sidelined the entire oil sector - therefore you as its eponymous representative - by saying that all boilers have a gas valve. Fawning, if you like.

And which "minority views" are being "dismissed"? I see no "minority views", only some people who think the Idiot's Guide is a good idea and others who think it's a waste of time. In the end, it's up to ChrisH if he wants to persevere with it.
I'm surprised at you, ChrisR
Then perhaps instead of asserting reasons why "contributors" contribute, and being surprised when the evidence goes against your theories, you should modify your theories? "Contributors" MAY include the contributor who used the term, but looking at his criteria, I doubt even that.

I stand by what I said, possibly NOT by what others might seek to imply that I meant.
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I can knit you a fair-isle sweater, I can crochet you a lovely 60's tank top and cook a mean sunday roast if you like, but one of the many things I have extreme difficulty with is understanding my water and central heating. So, when someone goes to the trouble of trying to explain in very simple laymans terms what is what in that vast underworld/overworld of subterranean pipes, valves, tubes, vents and tanks has my undying gratitude. I don't expect to be able to mend anything but it is so nice to at least be able to understand the basics of what is going on up there and what helps what work. Thank you whoever you are, I now can at least hold my head up and say I understand where the cold feed pipe/open vent is. I leave it to the experts to mend it!!
hi dee dee, the mods dont like people responding to old posts, but im sure you apprecietion will be noted (and then this topic will be locked because its old). hopefully you have now found the wiki usefull infomation is now organised in there and people are adding to it -its a usefull read.
Moderator 3

It's not a problem anymore regarding old posts that have been replied to will not be locked or deleted
"""Moderator 3

It's not a problem anymore regarding old posts that have been replied to will not be locked or deleted"""

Are you implying that the Mods have been instructed to meddle less and leave people to reply to year old postings if they want to be so silly?

I do have to say I agree they should be left alone. I have also noticed that people who post a bit more a few minutes later are being left alone too. Perhaps it the start of a new ( and better ) regime?

Can Mod 3 explain why these ( welcome ) changes have been made?


Moderator 3

I've always left old posts alone and I don't see the point of deleting or locking them because it's mostly the newest member who only trying to be helpful but sometime the information given can be useful to others. These posts are inoffensive and do nobody any harm. With the amount of messages the forum receives, it doesn’t take long for a post with no further replies to drop down the list and the diynot admins has agreed with the mods to leave old post alone. The forum rules has been amended for this

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