IE7 Crashes when trying to load Flash/Java sites.

Hi BC,

Well here's the latest. I followed your advice:

Uninstalled Java (used Windows Install Clean Up as advised on Java site).
Cleaned Registry with CCleaner
Installed Java
Tried to play Yahoo Pool with IE7..... crashed!

Its got to be a Java problem BC. After I uninstalled Java, I went into Control Panel and there is an icon there for Java!? If I double click it, it launches 'Java Control Panel'. See pic below. I can click on the tabs and check settings and its definitely still on my PC but if I try and use 'Windows Install Clean Up' and/or Control Panel to remove it, it is not there!!!

Also, when I use FF and access Yahoo Pool, I am presented with the pop-up window I posted earlier every time (see below for same pop-up again).

Once I click 'Run' I can access the Pool tables. I am then presented with it again to open a Table. I click 'Run' and can play the game. This happens every time I login to Yahoo Pool with FF. Obviously it still crashes with IE7.

Lost is the place I am in now!!! :(
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Try disabling your firewall and connecting again Blasp.

Edit: Found this . After uninstalling, do a search for 'Java' and see what is left over. Might be interesting.
I'm still in a place called Lost BC!

IE7 is poorly! I'll persevere with FF for now. That's a sign of my age! There was I time I'd of spent days trying to work out what was wrong through my own knowledge and that of decent folk like yourself BC but these days I'm more like.... 'Work IE7 Work!....Right that's it......!'
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