IE7 Crashing

2 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have a problem with IE7 on XP pro. If I double click my desktop Google Icon (or any other IE icon) it starts to open the window, then after a second or so the window closes. I have tried uninstalling the browser from the windows add/remove then reinstalling it but that doesn't fix it. I have tried installing IE8 which is about as much good as a chocolate fireguard, then tried a system restore. Still no good. I have McAfee virus scan installed with site advisor, can this cause problems?
I am tempted to do a fresh install of XP pro but in doing so will wipe the boot system for Vista (so it might have some advantages :evil: )

I am having to stoop so low as to use AOL browser to get online :cry:
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The trouble with IE crashing is that it's very much part of the operating system itself. It leaves you wondering if it could be the browser or something in the OS that forms part of it. At least Firefox is an addition to the system and if that gives trouble, you can be fairly sure the problem only lies within the Firefox folders. Same with Opera or other browsers. Two exceptions to that are Flash and Java. Both of these reside outside of the browser folders and they need to be kept up to date.

It might be worth checking that regarding IE7 as well. Also make sure the cache doesn't get too bloated by emptying out the Temporary Internet Files once in a while. These factors can affect the way the browser runs. Also try disabling Add-ons in IE to see if it could be anything to do with those (Tools > Manage Add-ons).
Yep, I'm a bit confused as to what is causing it. I will try removing flash and java to see if these make a difference.
I can't turn the add ons off as it won't stay open long enough to open open the tools>manage add ons menu :cry:
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It's not removing them that's needed, it's more making sure they are up to date. You'll need both installed (preferably the latest versions) to display any page content that uses them.

This page will check your version of Java and this page, the Flash Player version.

Latest Java version is: Java 6 Update 7
Latest Flash Player is:

The crashing might not be caused by those being earlier versions but it's just maybe something to check out. It sounds as if you'd have trouble running the browser long enough to do that though. Perhaps always good to have an alternative browser installed anyway. It means you can still use the Internet while your trying to sort things out.

How long has it been crashing? If it wasn't crashing a week or two ago, you could consider using a System Restore point from that time.